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On my '01 GA, there's a rubber septum under the carpet near the brake petal that you can get through to pass a cable through to the engine compartment.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-19 15:33:36
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Q: Where is is a hole in the firewall to run a wire for an amplifier in a 2005 grand prix?
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Where is the hole in the firewall on a 2003 impala to run a power wire from the battery to the amplifier?

You need to pass it under the car just under the passenger floor mat you have a hole just the right size for the cable

Where is the hole in the firewall on a 2000 Camry sedan to run a power wire from the battery to the amplifier?

there is no specific hole for this. use an existing rubber seal in firewall. take thin screw driver and insert in seal , stretching seal enough to push wire thru. seal will close around wire when you remove screwdriver

Where do I get through the firewall on a 2004 Hyudai SantaFe to connect aftermarket amplifier?

If you can't find a safe way to snake a wire through the firewall, try going in from under the front or back seat area. Drill a small hole and use a tight fitting rubber grommet. Who says it has to go through the firewall anyway.

How do you tell if the heater core is bad in a 1993 Pontiac grand am?

collant will start coming out of the hole where the a.c. condensation water comes out against the firewall

Where is the hole in the fire wall located?

Your question is incomplete. You asked a question that is like, "Where is the hole in the Swiss cheese?". There are usually several holes and each hole has a specific item or loom of items running through it. For example, the speedometer cable may have a hole in the firewall for itself or the A/C lines have holes in the firewall for their passage. BETTER QUESTION: WHERE IS THE HOLE IN THE FIREWALL FOR THE _________________?

Where is the firewall hole on a 1994 Mercury Mystique?

There are several firewall holes.The firewall is the wall that divides the engine from the passanger compartment.Under the windshield.

Where is the hole in the firewall on a 2003 GMC Sierra to run a power wire from the battery to the amplifier?

If you cannot find a hole already there with a rubber plug then run the wire along with something else that is already running into the interior. If that is not possible then drill your own hole. Just make sure you are not drilling into something on the other side. Purchase a rubber grommet to fit the hole you will have to drill and run the wire through the grommet. Drill the hole so that the grommet fits tightly.

Where are the fan relays located on the 1994 grand prix?

It has been a while but look under the hood on the passengers side up by the windshield. there should be 2 or 3 relays there in a little hole above the firewall.

How do you run a wire through the firewall of a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado pickup for fog lights?

There should be a location where you can go through the firewall where other wires are already there. Piggy back on that hole. If not then just drill a hole through the firewall, being very careful not to drill into any wiring or components. Insert a rubber grommet in the hole to protect the wire, and then the wire.

1978 grand prix has a large black wire coming out of bottom of firewall on drivers side with half inch hole connector and what do you hook it to?

I figured it out. This wire is a ground and the car would not run without it connected.

Where is a firewall hole located on 2001 Honda Civic?

there is a little hole right under the hood next to the driver side door

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How do you put cable from battery through firewall in 1999 mercury sable?

Drill a hole and then insulate the hole with a rubber washer so the cable doesn't chafe on the jagged hole.

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How can you route wires through the firewall of a 2005 Impala you want to mount a switch inside the car for a project but cannot seem to find a route for the wires?

check for rubber grommets in the firewall that already have something protruding through them if not then you'll have to drill a not run an electrical wire through bare metal hole because it can cause a short.get some grommets to put in the hole first then run your wire

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Where is a hole in the firewall to run a wire for an amplifier in a Mitsubishi mirage?

There is none. Use your head, think outside the box. There are otherways to run your 12v+ from the battery to where ever you might be installing your amp. (hint: Along driver side fender, through electrical wiring rubberized boot down by the door.)

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Hole in 2001 Chevrolet impala firewall?

If you need a hole to run wiring through then follow wiring to an existing hole and work the new wire through. If it is a hole that needs to be repaired, then small holes can be filled with a silicon to waterproof them.

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Where is the AC drain located on a 2005 Chevrolet Impala and how do you get it to drain?

The air conditioning drain is on the passenger's side of the firewall. If you do not have air pressure to blow into it to get it to drain then you might use something soft and flexible so as not to put a hole in the evaporator.