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This is general information for people with EGR valve issues: - The EGR valve- on any car- is a small cast metal assembly connected between the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold. Its purpose is to sense high-carbon emmissions in the engine exhaust. If high enough, the valve opens and recycles the dirty exhaust back into the intake manifold, to be re-burned in the engine. If it's working properly, having an EGR valve cuts your output horsepower by about one third, because you're burning dirty air in your engine. - An EGR valve either works or it doesn't. If it doesn't, it needs to be replaced, not cleaned. Cleaning can remove some of the carbon and other deposits inside the valve, but not enough to do any good. It's also just about impossible to do any real cleaning of the sensor, which is the most important part. - If you know your way around your car's engine, look for a place where the intake manifold and the exhaust manifold seem to be hooked together. What's joining them is the EGR valve assembly. It isn't 'plug and play', but is usually mounted with four bolts. There's also a gasket underneath the assembly to provide a tight seal. If it's damaged or missing, that needs to be replaced, too. - About the only time anyone thinks about an EGR valve is when their car flunks the emmissions portion of the state vehicle inspection. Of course, they want to try to replace the thing themselves, to save money. That can happen, if they are at least a little mechanically inclined and have simple hand tools- wrenches, pliers, etc. Other times, it's better to have a mechanic do it and eat the cost, just to be sure it's done right. - The last EGR valve I replaced was in 1999, on a 1991 S-10 short block. Never having done it before, I fumbled around a little and the job took about 45 minutes. The new EGR cost $57 at Consumer Auto Parts.

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Q: Where is the EGR Valve on a 2001 Ford Focus ZTS?
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