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If you mean where does the water come from? there is no drain hose, the water is from condensation that forms on the condenser. If you are talking about the freon you have to have it serviced.

In the 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, you can find it pointing down under the car, on the front side of the firewall. Find the suction tube and liquid tube for the a/c here:

The a/c condensation drain is straight down from that. It gets clogged with dirt/leaves. You can stick a wire up it to free up the gunk. Just wiggling the end of the tube allowed mine to flush out the dirt and the water just poured out. Gravity will help with this.

On a 1998 Grand Cherokee the drain is inside the right "frame rail". You have to pull the carpet back on the passenger side, drill a hole where the plastic goes out and clean it out with air pressure.

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Q: Where is the ac drain hose located on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?
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