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the cable is located at the top of the engine behind the throtle body if it is a 4.6L V8.

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Q: Where is the accelerator cable for 96 thunderbird lx your cable snapped do you know why it would do this?
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Why would a 1999 Sable GS sometimes lose acceleration and the accelerator pedal be hard to press?

replace the fuel filter and the accelerator cable to the throtle body

How do you open the hood on 1992 Civic if your hood latch cable is disengaged under the hood?

If you mean the cable that goes to your latch and its snapped or something easiest way to do it is basicly grab a hold of the cable and pull on it and of latch would.

What would make a gas peddle stick and accelerate while driving in a Mercury Tracer?

dirt and gunk in linkages will cause accelerator to stick get some wd40 and spray on all moving parts if accelerator has a cable, renew cable as it will be clogged and rusted inside casing, making it stick

Why does your gas pedal get stuck?

The year, make and model would help but, it could be a damaged accelerator cable, a broken/damaged return spring, carbon build-up, obstruction (floor mat) around the accelerator pedal,

How would you fix a stuck accelerator pedal on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Chances are the throttle cable from the pedal to the throttle body needs replacing.

What causes an accelerator to stick to the floor and can this be repaired?

could be a sticky cable. I would go to your local parts store and get some powder graphite. Put some on each end of the cable and work the cable back and forth. If it is just sticky this should help. If it is a frayed cable it must be replaced. could also be a sticky throttle assembly, but I would start with the cable.

While driving my car the accelerator would not work when you push the gas. I turned the car off and it did not start back up again. whats the problem?

sounds to me like a fuel pump if the engine continued to run but accelerator did not work then check for broken or disconnected accelerator cable both at the pedal and the throttle plate

Is there anyway you could fix your kick down cable in your Geo Tracker with the existing cable the tip snapped off but it is still intact just does not seem to have any tension?

you might be able to adjust it down at the trany, but it would be better to just replace the hole cable

Why would a car keep accelerating after the brakes are applied?

Assuming nothing obvious (like having your foot on the accelerator) there is a problem with sticking or broken or disconnected accelerator linkage. On late-model cars with cable linkage and fuel injection you will need to inspect everything related from the accelerator pedal to the injector butterfly lever on the engine.

Why would a speedometer stop working?

It could be one of three things the cable has snapped due to age wear and tear or the cog or pin pending on cable type has worn or broken on either the cluster end or gearbox end

If a car accelerator cable is starting to fray do you need to change it?

It would be a good idea, this way you dont get stuck in traffic idling thru the green light.

How do you decrease the idle RPM on my 1991 Thunderbird?

i would check for vacuum leaks first but there is an idle august screw on the air intake wear the throttle cable connects to the intake

What would cause cruise control not to work on 2000 forester with manual trans. ALL fuses are good?

Another thing to check is the actual cable from the cruise control module to the throttle body. It will be right next to the accelerator cable on the throttle body.

What would cause a 1991 Mazda Protege to have a blinking hold light and a non-functional speedometer?

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

Your e46 318i parked for 5 weeks would not start charged battery and it started fine but the accelerator pedal will not rev the engine?

Check the throttle cable, it may have come undone or snapped. Check by the gas pedal to make sure it is connected from the inside. Check by the throttle body to make sure it is connected. If you have an electric throttle body make sure in both locations there is contact between the two harnesses.

Why would Oil pressure drop when you let up on the accelerator of a 94 Thunderbird?

If by letting up on the accelerator you mean not hitting the gas pedal then it's normal your not increasing rpm that being said oil isn't being pumped through as fast as it would when hitting the gas so less oil being pumped through less oil pressure it's normal now if it's like dropping to zero there is a problem...

Why would a linear accelerator have no effect on a neutron?

A linear accelerator works by having a magnet at the end of the accelerator. If the particle is neutral then it will not be attracted to the magnet and therefore nothing will happen, as in the case of a neutron.

Can you find a picture of a Haida Thunderbird tattoo?

Go to and click on images the type in what you would like such as Haida thunderbird.

What would make a auto trans not kick in to passing gear?

Kick-down cable could be snapped. Also, if that's not the prob, then follow the cable to the lever and see it if moves.. if it is stuck, it could be rusted, try P.B. Blaster, it worked for me in only 3 applications and two days of sitting.

How do you install a kick down cable on a 1995 Chevy Corsica?

i pulled off the end of the cable from the shifter and found it was snapped. i then took off the whole indash. I would just lke to know the easiest way to go about pulling and replacing it! I'm wondering as well what tools i may need?

How do you install an accelerator cable on a 1976 volkswagen beetle?

The cable is routed through a metal tube made into the center "tunnel" in the floor pan. It also goes through the engine fan housing inside another tube. I would not suggest trying to thread a used cable with a frayed end back through the tube. Get a new cable and consult the Robert Bentley manual for more details.

Would a steering wheel be classified as an accelerator?


What would happen if you pressed the brake and accelerator in a car?

you would spin in a circle

Transmission is stuck in second gear1990 sc Thunderbird?

My 1990 thunderbird is stuck in second gear.Before it was jerking after it would get warm,then it would not stop until u let it cool down then it would be find for awile.

Why does the accelerator stick when it is depressed but only when the 1993 Prism sits for a time and you have to really punch the accelerator hard to push it in?

Could be a sticking throttle cable, but my guess would be a dirty throttle body causing the butterfly to stick in the closed position after it sits for a while. Try cleaning the whole area with carb cleaner, try not to let it go down into the intake.