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The blend air door is most likely located beneath your dashboard. In some instances, there may be than one blend air door - one on the passenger side and one on the driver's side.

Of course, this is dependent on the model and year. For some designs the blend door is on a vertical axis and horizontal on others...and the actuator motor can be on top, bottom, back or front. Not much of an . If you have a specific automobile that you are concerned with, I can be much more help.


Ford Expedition 1999 Eddie Bauer

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Q: Where is the blend-air door located?
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They are located in the door latch on the door

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4 switches, one on each door, the front door switches are located on the front door pillar and the rear door switches are located on the center pillar, just look for a push in button on the pillars and that's the switch.

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The door ajar switch on the 2008 Ford Sport is located inside the door that is mounted on the backside.

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where is door jam switch on 2004 f150 xlt located

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There are located inside the door lock. Spray WD-40 on all door jams. This will fix any interior lights from staying on.

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