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Where is the blower resistor located in 1991 integra gs heater doesnt work?


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2005-11-01 03:23:48
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That's a two-part question: The resistor is located behind the glovebox--you'll see it once the glovebox is removed. Even if the resistor is burned out, the blower should still work with the dial on the highest setting--the resistor controls the flow of current for settings 1, 2, and 3 on the dial. If the blower doesn't work at all, it's more than the resistor causing problems. If the heat doesn't work in colder weather, the thermostat may be bad. --IB


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check the blower motor resistor located on fire wall behind washer fluid tank

the blower resistor is bypassed on high. a direct path to ground. if high is the only operational speed the resistor is bad.

Blown fuse, bad motor, bad blower motor switch, or a defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack.

Bad blower motor? Blown blower motor fuse? Bad fan switch? Bad blower resistor pack?

if it doesnt work on 1 and 2 it could be a blower motor resistor but if it doesnt work at all check the fuses, relay and check voltage if it reads 12 v replace the motor

Try Blower Motor Resistor. It would on the Passenger side under the dash

I think you have problem with the blower resistor. Please follow the procedure to check. * remove the connector to the blower motor. * use voltmeter to check the voltage. * connect one probe to the ground and the other probe to the 3.0R/w of the motor supply. * turn on the the blower motor with dial, you should read supply voltage, 12Vdc. * if you have positive voltage at the 3.0R/w then you should check the blower resistor and blower switch. blower switch supplies battery negative to the blower motor through the blower resistor. if you need further help please just let me know.

See if you are getting power to it - if so bad motorIf not check switch and/or resistor

yes simply because resistor doesnt have polarity ^^

The blower motor resistor pack is located between the fireewall and the blower motor on the passenger side. The best way to access this part its to remove the plastic shield under the glove box and then remove the blower motor. Behind the blower motor you will see another wire harness that will be 5-6 wires. This is the connector for the resistor pack. The are 2 screws that hold the resistor pack to the blower motor housing. I found there to be 3 screws on mine. There is a piece of carpet under glove box that can be removed with taking out 3 plastic snap buttons. I didnt remove the blower. I took out the 2 screws on the sides of the resistor that you can see. You cant see the forward screw. Once the 2 side screws are removed, pry down carefully on the resistor and pull it out with some long needle nose pliers. The back screw hole is slotted, so you can do this. it doesnt come out real easy but it does work. Now that you can see the forward screw with the resistor removed you need to back it out about a turn. All the screws are 7/32's. Now carefully slide the new one in carefully into the forward screw slot. Install the other 2 screws. Also you should have removed the wire plug first thing and the plug from the resistor to the blower fan. Now reconnect them last. This whole job is very difficult because you are lying on the front floor in front of seat trying to get 2 arms in there. I am small. Sorry for you big guys.

if the resistor isn't bad then you should have all speeds, temperature, and levels for the vents working. if your not getting anything blowing threw the vents at all give the blower moter a couple taps and if that doesnt work then its 99% likely the blower motor is blown

the mortor is getting worn out some times i have took it out and cleand it out with air and elct-cleaner if that doesnt do the trick i replace it. The blower resistor may need to be replaced. It is a small part, It is usually located somewhere behind the glove compartment.

all plugs look fine I think its not getting power to the blower motor guess ill have to chase down why with the mutimeter thank you

Depending On What Vehicle You Have You Probable Have A Blown Heater Motor Resistor. It Will Be Located In The Engine Compartment, Near & In The Housing That The Fan Motor Is In. It Should Have A 3 or 4 Wire Plug In It. Also 3-4 Small Screws Holding It In. Also It Is Kinda Wierd Looking. This May Help.

Your blower motor resister, which is a circuit card located in the bottom side of the blower housing ( just over your front passenger's toes ) is most likely partially cooked - replace it.

I'm not sure of the year you're talking about, but in general this is pretty common with some newer GM's. I'm also assuming that you mean the blower isn't working with the lower speeds. I would probably take a look first at the blower switch to make sure it doesn't feel loose. What I'm really guessing is the blower resistor, however. The factory design on a number of these is kind of questionable and they seem to overheat & burn up over time. I know Wells (an aftermarket manufacturer) has addressed this and has a beefier design. I heard it could be the resistor, its on the fire wall behind the blower in the engine compartment where the wires hook up to. my blower only has one speed and that's what they told me to replace.

Take a 12 volt tester ( $ 4.00) and test for 12 volts right at the blower motor. If there is 12 volts at the motor then your blower motor is bad. If no power then trace it back. Some models have a blower motor resistor; some have relays .Have your Ford dealers parts department print you out a picture of these parts which will identify their locations.

If you know the value of the resistor you can cut the wires going to the lock cylinder and solder in a resistor of the correct value.

I asked this question, now I will answer it!. After an hour, I found it! Pull off your glove compartment door and there it is! It is behind a relay you need to remove first with just 2 screws. It is tuff to reach, and maybe easier to take off the dash, but I chose the challenge. Too bad for me, my blower STILL doesnt work. I also replaced the blower motor. Still nothin. Oh well. I't only been 42 below zero windchill here in Chicago this week.

A Ryobi leaf blower will fail to start if the spark plug is fouled or it has run out of fuel. Using the incorrectly mixed fuel will also prevent it from starting.

Have you checked the fuse and relay? - They are in the engine compartment above the passenger strut.

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