Where is the blower resistor on a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

: Under the passenger side of the dash. Remove the panel, the resistor is forward of the blower motor, butt-up against the firewall. Quite difficult to get to- even with the special 5.5mm swivel socket.- TechJK

Disconnect the battery negative cable. !!!Power is still on when ignition switch off!!!

I have Olds Intrigue 2000. Blower control resistor (Controller) located behind the

blower motor. Very close to the firewall.

Using 5.5 mm. socket remove the blower first. (3 screws are holding the blower)

Using the same socket (5.5 mm) remove one visible screw which holds the resistor.

You will have to loosen two other screws, located between the resistor and firewall. You don't need to remove them completely, just loosen them! And it is a pain in the neck to get there!!!

Resistor slides out when rear screws are loose.


right side just above the carpet under the glove box.

I am not sure about the 2000, but the 1998 model was an easy fix. Simply remove the carpeted upholstery with an upholstery button removal tool (don't forget to remove the interior light from it). Then, using a 7/32" deep-well socket, remove the blower motor (3 screws total). Be sure to support the fan while removing the motor since the screws break easily. Next, remove the bracket that has a wire tie on it which ties the cable for the blower motor and remove the wire tie (it slides apart left/right, btw). Carefully disconnect the blower motor from the blower motor resistor. Disconnect the remaining wire harness from the blower motor resistor. Using the same 7/32" deep-well socket, remove the screw closest to you and LOOSEN the back 2 screws. You will need to press the socket up to each screw since the rubber on the firewall is extremely close to the blower motor resistor. Once the resistor has been removed, simply slide the new on into place and install the screw closest to you. Now tighten up the back 2 screws. One of the screws is at a rather wicked angle so keep trying. Now replace all of the parts that you removed and you are done.

While you are at it, the fan control switch was extremely corroded in our car. The switch can be removed by pulling out the center console (2 9/32" screws on top of the arm rest). The switch comes apart by working each of the plastic tabs until it comes apart. Use some emery paper to clean up the contact surface.


I also replaced the resistor on my 2000 Intrigue. I used 7/32 deep-well socket I bought from Sears and a flex-cable ratchet. The front screw was easy to remove, but the rear screws seemed to be impossible to reach with the firewall rubber covering the screw area. I then pressed the firewall rubber with screw driver and the rubber stayed pressed. And the bottom screw became visible making it easy to loosen. With the rubber pressed away I could stick in my finger and could feel the top screw. With several attempts I could loosen the top screw and the resistor came out. When I replaced a new resistor I rotated the rear screws so that the resistor just slides in, and tightened the front screw. I left the rear screws untightened just in case I replace it again.

I was able to replace the resistor without removing the blower motor and even though less safe I made it without removing the negative cable from the battery.