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Where is the dip stick for automatic transmission on 1999 vw passat?

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2008-04-14 16:44:37

When my 1999 VW Passat seemed low on fluid, I discovered the

manufacturer's theory it would never need fluid, hence, no dip

stick. A dealership wanted $200 to change the fluid, and if it was

ever low again, same problem. I dropped the pan and changed the

filter, drilled a 7/16 hole in the front of the pan, tapped the

hole 1/4 NPT, screwed 1/4 x 2 brass pipe nipple into hole, and

installed pan. I then pushed 1/2" x 3' heater hose onto nipple,

clamped it and brought the end up to hood level. I put in 5 quts.

Pennzoil Muti-Vehicle ATF. That was one year/15000 miles ago- no


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