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Where is the fuel filter for Honda 400 ex

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Q: Where is the fuel filter for Honda ATV 400ex?
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Where can you purchase a Honda 400ex?

A person can purchase a Honda 400ex at any ATV retailer that carries them. An ATV retailer can also order one for you to be delivered to the store. There are also several websites that have a Honda 400ex.

What is the horse power for a Honda 400ex ATV?


How fast can a 2000 HONDA 400ex ATV go?

87 mph

What is the best 400cc ATV?

if your racing then a Honda 400ex, but if your working polaris makes a 425

Where is the timing located on a Honda 400ex?

There isn't a "timing" on a 400ex or any other atv. There is a timing CHAIN, and timing chain tensioner. -my400ex89 "go big or go home"

How do you change rear brake pads on Honda 400 EX ATV?

How do u change 400ex rear brakes?

What kind of brake fluid does a Honda 400ex ATV use?

Any kind of DOT 3 brake fluid.

Do Honda ATV's have a fuel filter?

Fuel filter found in pump cartridge, take pump off and unscrew the 6 bolts holding it together, withdraw pump from cartridge and the filter can be found at the bottom, looks a bit like a tea bag.

Where is the fuel filter on a Honda sportrax 250EX?

There is not one,this particular ATV has a strainer mounted inside the tank and can be seen by taking the fuel cut off valve.

What is the fuel mixture for 1980 fl250 Honda odyssey ATV?

20:1 is what honda states

How do you change the transmission fluid on a Honda 400ex quad?

On a 400ex the engine and transmission share the same oil. So when you change the oil in the engine you are changing the transmission oil as well. That is why you need an ATV or motorcycle oil designed for wet clutches.

How do you change a spark plug in a 2003 Honda 400ex ATV?

It is very simple in between your engine head uner your headlights you should see you canble running to it

What size spark plug wrench do you need for a Honda 400ex ATV?

18mm. But it has to be a thin wall socket. The stock tool that came with it is best if you can find one.

Would you have more fun on a 2006 Honda 400EX ATV or a 2006 Honda CRF 250R dirt bike?

A dirt bike can go more. places than an ATV. probably the 250 go two wheels quads are just dirtbikes with training wheels

Where is the air fuel adjustment screw on the 2007 Honda TRX400ex ATV?

on bottom of carb

Where can you get plastic for a 2001 Honda 400ex?

EVERYWHERE! lol, E-bay, dennikirk, rockeymountainatv. Local ATV shops. Virtually anywhere. What kind of plastic are you looking into? OEM? race cut?

How do you replace the timing chain on a 2002 Honda 400ex ATV?

take the timing chain cover off and with a wire hanger pull it from the bottom to the top sprocket so it doesn't fall.

How much oil does a 350 Honda ATV hold?

under 3 liters of 10w40 oil with filter

Where is the oil filter on the 2005 Honda foreman 500 ATV?

Remove skid plate 12mm bolt

What is the fuel pressure on a 86 Honda 350 ATV?

I do not know, but I would say 2-3lbs

What causes the Honda ATV not to get gas?

Most likely, you have a blocked fuel line or fuel filter. To solve that problem, detach the the fuel line from the carb, take the fuel filter out of the line and see if fuel comes to the carb end of the fuel line. If not, just put on a new fuel line and fuel filter. Another problem that may cause this is debris in the carb; take the fuel and air intake lines off and spray carb cleaner into the carbuerator. Make sure to have an escape for the cleaner to flush out the debris.

Why does the fuse blow on your Honda 400ex ATV?

the fuse will blow if the machine has a short. mine had an aftermarket pull off kill switch that was shorting out so i un plugged it and it has been fine for 2 years.

How do you change the oil filter on a Honda 300 ATV?

above the foot brake. You have to unscrew the black cover first.

Where could one buy parts for a Honda ATV?

The official Honda website would have Honda ATV parts for sale or would at least have a list of dealerships that are in your area that sell Honda ATV parts.

1997 trx250x ATV Honda cant start?

Buy a service manual. Check for Spark and Fuel.

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