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Where is the fuel return line on a subaru wagon?


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2006-03-06 01:02:01
2006-03-06 01:02:01

depends on the year, but on the right of the engine there should be about 2 or 3 black hoses going from the fuel filter to the fuel lines next to the intake manifold. the bottom one or 2 hoses are the return lines.


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super easy...two lines and done. The FUEL line coming from behind the drivers side strut tower is your fuel FEED line. Ther is another line right under it but its not a fuel line its a evap line. The FUEL line going from the engine to the filter is the RETURN line. Hook those up accordingly and add the vacuum line...and you're ready to go.

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first off pinch the fuel return line.if rpm rises a little ..u need a fuel pressure is located on the passenger side fuel injector rail at the end it has a vacum line and a fuel line attached to it...hope this helps

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need to no the fuel delivery line on 89 chevy truck fuel pump

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there is no fuel return line on any sienna. the pressure is regulated at the pump and any excess fuel is dumped into the tank directly.

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No, Only the supply line has to be submerged in fuel.

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