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Where is the fusebox behind the glove box?


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2005-09-21 20:25:38
2005-09-21 20:25:38

I know of no car that has it there. its located to the left of the brake pedal on the driver side floor


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The fuse box is behind the glove box (jockey box). Open the glove box and take it out by releasing strap on the right side. Pull glove box out and there is yours fuse box

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Im no certain but in my 106 it is behind the glove box

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The fusebox is located in the glove box. There are two latches that alow it to drop down from the top.

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On mine the fusebox is located on the left (passenger side) on the side wall under the glove box

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If equipped, it is behind the lower glove box.If equipped, it is behind the lower glove box.

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