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Where is the hazard flasher blinker relay on a 1998 Lincoln Town Car?


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2006-04-18 09:42:26
2006-04-18 09:42:26

There's not one, you have an LCM or lighting control module. It controls most all light functions and is pretty pricey and almost always must be obtained at the dealer.


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hazard flasher relay location on a 1983 lincoln mark 6

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it is under the drivers side by the pedals, lie on your back under the steering column and it is the larger black relay on the right. You have to pull it hard to get it out and it should say Flasher and the part number good luck 2000 Toyota Sienna Blinker/Hazard flasher relay. Flasher relay part number toyota-81980-AA1, Flasher relay part number generic-Tridon EP35. Flasher relay location- Looking at the fuse panel from the feet up view, the flasher relay is on the back, left wall of the fuse panel. The relay prongs, quantity three, are enveloped by the flasher relay casing which makes it difficult to extract the flasher relay from its location. The flasher relay will need to be pulled up and away from the person removing it. After replacing the flasher relay; the flasher can be tested by actuating the hazard/emergency flashers button without the ignition key engaged, the left blinker or right blinker will not work without the ignition key engaged.

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The 2002 Monte Carlo blinker flasher relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard. The blinker flasher relay switch will be above the brake pedal.

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Depends on the vehicle in question. Some vehicle use only one flasher relay for both the turn signals and the hazard lights. Others use a seperate relay for each one.

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It doesn't have a relay but a flasher under the dash.

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