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Where is the headlight relay located on 1991 Volvo 240?


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2011-10-18 21:06:55
2011-10-18 21:06:55

I'm looking at a Volvo service manual-the main lighting relay for post-1985 models appears to be located to the left of the steering column, under the far left heater vents for the driver's window. it next to the rear fog lamp relay, so it is on the right (closest to passenger side.) you probably just need to take out the cloth piece that covers all the electrical stuff under the dashboard/steering column to get at it. remember, there are two relays right next to each other-the headlight relay is the one closest to the passenger side.


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Behind the ashtray is where it is located. You will need to remove the box above the ashtray to gain access to the relay as you can't slide the fuse/relay panel out otherwise. BTW if the car is an automatic the relay is white and sits on the left side of the panel

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