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The heater blower motor resistor should be above the vent, behind and just below the glove box. It should have a three prong connector.

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Q: Where is the heater blower motor resistor on a 1982 Jeep CJ7?
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How do you change a motor blower on a 1984 Jeep CJ7 if this information is not in your Jeep manual?

I replaced the heater core on my 1982 Jeep CJ7 about 5 years ago, and I believe you would have to go through the same procedure to replace the blower motor, since they are housed together. Bare with me on the details,but; The blower motor is housed in the heater/ventilation box (the plastic venting system under the dash). The motor's back end protrudes into engine compartment through the fire wall under the battery tray. Disconnect the blower motor's electric wire and heater hoses from the motor and firewall, you'll find them under the battery tray. To replace the motor you'll need to take apart the heater/ventilation box, I believe you'll have to remove the entire unit to do this. The plastic heater/ventilation box is bolted to the fire wall, unbolt it from the fire wall (nuts on the firewall side) and disconnect the heater/vent cables from the box and it should come out from under the dash. The box has screws around the perimeter unscrew them and it should come apart revealing the motor, fan and heater core. You need to remove the fan from the motor shaft. Good luck.

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either the water pump went out or the blower itself did. you have to pull the dash out to replace it. it's really not the most difficult thing to do so don't get discouraged

Why doesn't my Mercedes Benz 300D 1982 heater blower not run it only has 8v to the plug and the fan doesn't even try?

Because the relay is bad.. Or your wiring.

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