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Where is the heater resistor on a 1995 Chevy Suburban?

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2015-07-17 17:42:56
2015-07-17 17:42:56

Remove the inner glove box. On the ductwork towards the left side behind the glove box you'll see a plate with 2 screws. The plate is the resistor assembly. If I remember correctly, it's on the top of the ductwork. You'll have to disconnect 2 connectors, then remove the 2 screws, then you can remove the resistor assembly. There are 4 or so coil wires on the plate, one for each of the 4 fan speeds. On mine, 1 or 2 of the wires were broken. Be careful when reinstalling the new one, not to bump the wires.

I only had one of 4 sppeds. Once the new one was in, all speeds returned. Easy once you know what you're looking for. .

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