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Where is the intake air temperature sensor located on 96 Jetta VR6?


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2005-08-18 14:54:14
2005-08-18 14:54:14

when facing the engine, it's screwed into the right side of the intake manifold (the big silver thingy with the 2.8 numerals) right below those two hoses.


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The intake air temperature sensor is located just after the top of the intercooler. It will have color coded wires coming from it.

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The MAF ( Mass Air flow) sensor is located right on the intake pipe. Can't miss it.

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Where is the air intake throttle body temp sensor on a 2003 vw with a 2.0 engine?

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A knock sensor sends a voltage signal to regulate ignition timing. In a Jetta, it is typically located under the air intake manifold.

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