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Where is the knock sensor located on a 1995 Nissan Altima?


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2009-08-17 04:52:06
2009-08-17 04:52:06

It is located under the manifold on the backside or firewall side of the engine. If you are under the vehicle looking at the oil filter, it is up and to the left of the oil filter. Jmad49 How can I reach the knock sensor? I have found it but it seems to hard to get there. ---------------------------

I haven't come across any good methods yet. I also have to change the knock sensor in my 97 but have been hesitant just because I know how difficult it is to get to. The best advice I've seen recommends removing the oil filter first. Once the filter is removed, use a pry bar to gently pry back the steel hoses that are in front of the sensor. Insert hand with wrench and you *should* be able to unbolt the sensor with enough clearance.


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where is the knock located on 2001 nissan altima 2.4

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Knock sensorThe knock sensor for a 1996 Nissan Altima is located on the backside of the block above the oil filter.But before you go and change it out, run a tank of the best/hightest rated gas you can find and see if that fixes the problem. On my 1995 the Knock sensor is located under the plenum and intake manifold on top of the middle of the block.

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It is located unter the intake manifold near the oil filter.

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It is located on the back of the engine block just above the oil filter

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The knock sensor is located below the intake manifold

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