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Where is the mass air flow sensor on a 2000 Sentra 1.8l 4-cylinder?


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2009-06-07 18:31:54
2009-06-07 18:31:54

The mass air flow sensor on the Sentra model is a small piece that is inside the air duct tube fastened with two special torx screws, just after the air filter. After that, the duct continues to travel toward the throttle body, which then lets the air go inside the engine. You can remove a section of that tube which houses the mass air flow sensor.


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no MAP sensor, just mass air flow sensor

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Back in 2006, my Sentra with 78K miles was stalling and was cutting out while accelerating. The Nissan dealer found that the air flow sensor was failing. The part was about $200 with $270 labor. Please note that there are also several recall campaigns and one is on the crankcase position sensor which can go out and stall your car for good. Good Luck!

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how do you clean mass air flow sensor on a 1998 Nissan altima? To clean the mass air flow sensor , you need to get a can of CRC mass air flow cleaener frm auto zone, Kragen, Pepboys, Sensor is attached to the tube (next to airfilter). again you need to use mass air flow cleaner ( CRC ). I use this on my ford windstar and Nissan sentra 05 and 95. it runs better after cleaning the mass air flow sensor.

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Jeep doesn't use mass air flow sensors.

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there isn't one. theres a throttle position sensor and a mad sensor.

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