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Q: Where is the modulator valve on 1992 grand am auto trans is it vacuum or electric?
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Does a 1988 Chevy 1500 have a transmission vacuum modulator?

More Info, If You Do Not Find A Modulator, You Could Have a Different Trans. If You Have A Square Pan With 16 Bolts Then You Have A 4L60 or TH700( no modulator on these) If the pan is oval and 17 Bolts Has 4L80 ( no modulator on these) Hope This Helps You Should Have A TH400 Trans & It Does Have A Modulator.

Where do you attach a vacuum hose to the modulator valve on the transmission of a 305 Chevy?

If your transmission has a modulator it is on the side of the trans and it has a nipple on it for the vaccum line. I you. Mark

Where is the transmission modulator on an '88 Chevy Corsica?

On the back of the trans. There should be a vacuum line running to it.

Where is the modulator valve and how do you replace it on a 1992 Explorer?

There is a modulator on some transmissions. If yours has a vacuum line going to the trans, it connects to the modulator and you simply remove the bolt holding it and pull it out.

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 77 mustang c3?

on the passenger side just above the trans filter pan

What causes your Suburban 4X4's trans to lose fluid but not appear to be leaking anywhere?

the vacuum modulator can be bad. With the engine OFF, remove the vacuum line at the modulator. If fluid runs out, there's your problem.

Which way do you turn the screw on modulator valve On a 350 turbo trans to make it shift quicker on low vacuum?

the modulator valve does not have a screw, however, the modulator located outside the modulator valve may or may not have one.

1990 buick regal trans-axle uses trans fluid not leaking?

i would check the vacuum hose that goes to the vacuum modulator on the transmission the vacuum modulator probably has a hole in it and the fluid is going into the engine and being burned or check your coolant the radiator may have a hole in the transmission cooler inside the radiator so check your coolant and the vacuum hose for trans fluid good luck

Where do you run the vacuum line from the turbo 400 trans modulator to an edelbrock performer 800cfm carb?

When you get ready to run the vacuum line from the turbo 400 trans modulator to an Edlebrock Performer 800 CFM carb, attach the vacuum line for the transmission vacuum modulator to the bottom constant vacuum source or the plug that is below the throttle plate. After that, install the vacuum advance to the port that is signaled or right above the throttle plate. Once that is completed, install the large vacuum line to the back of the carb for the power brake.

Does a 94 jeep grand Cherokee have a vacuum module on trans?


What would cause your 1996 grand am to fast idle and not want to shift unless you let off the gas?

sounds like a vacuum leak going to the modulator on the trans. check for what souns like a air leak on the small tubes going to the trans

Does a Dodge Dakota 4x4 have a vacuum modulator and does it make the trans shift smooth?

Dodge transmissions do not use vacuum modulators.Dodge transmissions do not use vacuum modulators.

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