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Where is the neutral safety switch located on a 1986 Nissan SE automatic V6?

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2006-04-30 01:46:27
2006-04-30 01:46:27

On older cars it was located near the selector but on a newer a it is probably located in the gearbox housing, It is only a small device with two wires protruding from the back of it

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the neutral safety switch located on the rightside of the automatic gearbox.

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If equipped with standard transmission, it will be on the clutch pedal. If an automatic it will be incorporated into the transmission switch on the transmission.

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The safety neutral switch on a 1989 Nissan Pickup with an automatic transmission and a D-24 engine is located on the transaxle. The neutral switch will be found where the linkage attaches to the transaxle unit.

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