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Where is the oil filter located on a 1998 Honda Civic?


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The oil filter is right above where the oil drain plug is. It screws in toward the front of the car. Looking down, you can see part of it if you put your eyeball right by where the top of the left-front shock absorber connects -- above the left-front wheel. It's in the middle of the car, in back of the engine, in among various tubes. You can grab it from the top if your arm and hand aren't too big. If you're lucky, you can loosen it by hand without hassling with a tool. It's easier to see it if you look up from underneath the car, but you'll probably need to jack up the car to get under there.


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its on the firewall...its all black with two bolts with lines on it

They didn't make and Si in 1998. The PCV valve is on 1998 Civic SI's are located on the bottom of the intake manifold. It is acessed from the bottom of the car, you have to remove the oil filter to reach it.

capacity with a new oil filter is 3.8 qts. 1996 Honda civic ex

It is located inside the transmission and is a non-serviceable item. It is only replaced when the transmission is rebuilt.

The wiper motor for a 1998 Honda Civic is located on the firewall, underneath the vent cover, below the wipers.

I doesn't have one... If it did however, it would be located between the throttle body and the engine air filter.

How do you change the starter on a 1998 Honda Civic ex?

The dipstick is located behind the steering wheel.

This is not even a question...so what kind of response are you looking for?If you're asking where the cabin air filter is on a '98 Civic, the answer is nowhere. Honda started using 'cabins' in the 7th generation Civic (2001-2005).

The 1998 Honda Odyssey has the same fuel filter location as the 1996 model seen in the video below.

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in the catalyc converter... exhaust manifold

1998 Honda civic DX should have a 107 HP stock

The thermostat on a1998 Honda Civic is found on the right side of the engine. It is located in the thermostat housing which can be found by following the lower radiator hose.

The headlights on a 1998 Honda Civic use adjustment screws which are located on the side of each headlight in the engine bay. Tightening it will raise the light and loosening it will lower it.

The 1998 Honda air conditioning air filter is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The air conditioning air filter will be on the passenger side of the firewall.

The cabin air filter on a 1998 Honda Accord is located behind the glove box. Unmount the glove box from its bracket and pull it out. The filter will then be visible.

Should be located just above the oil filter.

First off I would not recommend any Fram filter for any car. They are poor quality filters. Purolator, Wix, & Bosch, are what I recommend. But saying that the correct Fram filter for your 1998 Civic is PH3593A and the PH4386 is not the correct filter.

It is mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

the VSS is right on top of the Transmission with a plug on top of the VSS

Take it to a Honda Civic garage / mechanic.

The ignition coil on a 1998 Honda Civic LX is located under the distributor cap. The distributor is on the passenger side of the motor and has wires running from it to each spark plug. it is usually plastic.

If the 1998 is a Civic then yes it will fit.

Its @ the bottom of radiator kinda n da middle of it.

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