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Where is the pcv valve on an '88 Honda Accord?

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It is located towards the rear of the car on the intake manifold

For more info refer to haynes manual or service manual

I found the PCV valve on my 1989 Honda Accord DX (carbureted). It is at the rear side of the engine almost directly below the center of the front edge of the top of the air cleaner housing. The valve is mounted vertically in the intake manifold. The only difficulty is that the air cleaner housing has to be removed -- four nuts, as well as a number of vacuum hoses disconnected. Also ideally I need to do the whole procedure again as I didn't get the valve to seat well in the manifold; I need to find a 2" long (approx.), about 1/2 inch in diameter, piece of copper pipe or somthing similar to tap the valve down into the manifold firmly.

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Where is the PCV valve on the 97 olds 88?

Standing in front of the engine, its on the left side of the engine intake. You'll have to remove that MAP sensor to get to the PCV Valve.

Where is the pcv valve on and 88 ford econoline?

Its on the rear of the passenger side valve cover if's it's a V8. Remove the doghouse and you will find the vacuum connection for the PCV on the very rear of the intake plenum. Follow the hose down to the PCV valve.

Where do you find the PVC valve on your 1996 88 Oldsmobile?

Generally you will find a PCV valve somewhere on one of the valve covers, with a hose the connects to it.

Will the doors for a 92 Honda Accord work for an 88?

No, the 88 is the 3rd generation and the 92 is the 4th generation.

88 Honda accord fuel injection?

The standard 98 hp engine has a carburetor. The optional 16 valve SOHC 120 hp engine was fuel injected.

Where is PCV valve for 88 93 5.0 mustang?

Most are locatedon back of your intake in the middle.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1989 Oldsmobile Delta 88?

It's going to be off the valve cover(s) one or the other. Plugged right into it.

Honda Accord DX 88 tire pressure?

Listed on driver's door post.

Where is the computer on a 88 Honda Accord?

The computer is located underneath the driver's side seat

PCV valve location on 1988 Oldsmobile 88 3800?

front side of plastic intake manifold

Where is the fuel pump reset button on an 88 Honda Accord 3dr dx 2.0l manual?

88 HONDA accord do not have a fuel pump reset button. If you replaced the fuel pump and still not getting fuel on your carburetor replace your fuel pump relay.

How do you tune up an Oldsmobile 88?

Replace: Plugs and wires Fuel filter Air filter PCV Valve Dist. cap and rotor

What kind of freon is in an original 88 Honda accord?

R12 And if you still have this change over to 134a instead of buy r12

How to adjust the timing on a 88 Honda Accord?

see under hood direction, vehicle idle @750RPM in gear 15*

Where can you get a wiring diagram for the electronic control unit in a 1986 Honda Accord LXi?

Try the technical dept of your library. I just got the complete wiring diagram for my 88 accord.

Where is the pcv valve on an 88 Chevrolet caprice classic?

It should be on top of the valve cover on the driver side right where you add oil. The oil cap is at the end of the valve cover towards the back of the engine and the pcv valve is on the same valve cover but towards the front of the engine. It sticks out of the valve cover just like the the oil cap does. I have the exact same year and model car as you and that's where mine is located at.

88 Honda valve cover leak?

Dear Honda owner, Valve cover leak? I assume you are refering to an external oil leak from the valve cover, replace the gasket, be sure the new gasket set comes with spark plug seals.

How much would it cost to replace an alternator including labor charges for a 88 Honda CRX?

I just had my alternator replaced on my 1990 Honda Accord and the final bill was $315.

How do you stop a Honda Accord 88's Rpms from going to 0 everytime you push in the clutch?

Is it stalling? If not, dont worry about it, your fine. My 90 accord does that everyonce in a while but continues to run.

Where is the fuel filter on 1988 Honda accord?

On a 88 accord DX there is 2 filters. 1 is left rear @ edge of wheel well and other is left side under hood @ firewall.

What is 88 Honda accord plug gap?

Should be listed under the hood on a placard and in your owner's manual. More than likely it is .044.

Where is locate PCV valve Mazda 88 b2200?

I believe that it is right on top of the valve cover, a (little short 90 degree hose) goes directly to the air cleaner. It comes out forward of the air cleaner.

How many hours should a clutch repair take on an 88 Honda Accord LX?

depending on experience but i would say 3 to 4 hrs

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