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it should be on the door lock motor on some early '91 models

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โˆ™ 2005-10-14 05:36:58
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Q: Where is the power lock relay on a 91 firebird?
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How do you turn power off to your antenna on a 91 firebird?

Disconnect wires at antenna

What engines are compatible with a 91 firebird?

Any size SBC engine will fit and is compatible with a 91 Firebird. A 350 engine is the most common that is used for installing in a 91 Firebird.

Do you drive a 91 Pontiac firebird?

ummm yes and its easy you just have to be carefull because it has alot of power and its a rear wheel drive

91 firebird VAT system what does it do?

it is the security system for fthe ignition and it controls power to the fuel injectors hope this helps dan

Gas milage Pontiac 1991 Firebird?

I calc'ed my '91 V8 Formula Firebird to be about 18 mpg.

Does 91 Pontiac firebird have 3rd gen?

A firebird can't "have" third gen. It either is or is not a third generation firebird, and Yes, a 1991 is a third generation.

What can be wrong with a 91 firebird it starts and runs for a few seconds and dies we replaced the fuel pump yesterday and it still does it its 91 Pontiac firebird 3.1 v6?

You may want to check the fuel filter. these cars also have a fuel pump relay, I have the same problem with my car. have you gotten yours fixed yet? I'm just getting started on mine.

Where is the horn relay on a 1991 Ford Ranger?

on a 91 ranger the horn relay is located in the power distribution box under the hood on the drivers side. It will be the first relay closest to the motor

What automatic transmission fits 91 firebird V8?


What does the spring do in a 91 firebird window mechanism?

If your talking the spring on a power window it helps raise the window when you activate the power window so it takes some stress off the motor.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 91 firebird?

on the transmission tailshaft housing

How do you tow a 91 firebird?

Best way to do it is either a flatbed or a trailer

Is a V6 91 Pontiac firebird fuel injected?

yes it is fuel injected.

91 CP De Ville alarm stays on when car is running where is the relay to shut it off Thanks?

Unlock and lock your driver side door and see if the alarm is reset!

Where is the 91 vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay located?

The 91 Vandura G2500 Instrument Panel Cluster Relay is located on the dashboard.

Does a 91 firebird require a 4 wheel alignment?

There are no adjustments on the rear wheels, so no.

What fuel grade for 95 Pontiac firebird formula?

91-93 octane premium

How do you change the radiator relay fan on a 91 plymonth acclaim?

fan control relay

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 91 mercury capri?

Where is the location of the fuel pump relay?

What is 91 to the 2nd power?

91 to the 2nd power is 8,281.

Your 91 firebird 5.0L V8 starts and drives but runs terribly it misses and has no power what is wrong?

spark plug wires on wrong take them off and rearrange them til it runs better

Why wont your 91 firebird v6 start or crank?

Battery, starter & wiring are the places to check

Where is the 91 firebird oil pressure sensor?

It's located just before the oil filter.

How do you check fuel pump relay in 91 Chevy capric?

Swap the relay with a known good one.

Is there a circuit breaker or relay for windshield wiper motor on 91' Lincoln town car?

Should be a breaker in the power distribution box under hood