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The starter is located on the lower right hand side of the engine, and it will be bolted to the bellhousing of the transmission with two 1/2" or 13MM bolts. If it has only one wire going to it, you won't have to dis-connect the battery. The easiest way to tell this without crawling under, is if you know what the solenoid looks like that would be attached to the radiator support, behind the battery. If it doesn't, or the starter has more than one wire going to it, then the battery will have to be dis-connected. Remove the two bolts, and if the starter has one wire, a 3/8" or 10MM wrench will remove the bolt for the wire terminal. -Remove the wire first. Then the bolts for the starter, and pull it out, and drop it down.

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Q: Where is the starter of a 1990 F-350 cargo van and how do you replace it?
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whats the maximum cargo weight of a 2001 f350

Why does starter keep engaging in 'park' in my 1999 F350 Diesel 7.3L even after the engine starts?

sound like to me the starter solenoid is stuck the reason it does it in park is the neutral safety switch replace it and it should be fine

Will a 460 out of a 1994 f350 work in a 1990 f250?


Refrigerant capacity of 1990 fORD F350 ac?

2.15 lbs

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how do you replace a fitting from a high pressure oil pump that is leaking oil in a 2001 ford F350 diesel truck?

Where is the1990 F350 turbo diesel fuel pump relay?

1990 f350 did not have a turbo, unless it was fitted after market, so check what engine you have such as year and size and then maybe we can answer your question

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Where is the belt tensioner on a ford 2003 f350 6l diesel? i need to loosen so that i can replace the alternater

Does fan shroud need to be removed to replace serpentine belt on 2003 f350 diesel 6.0?

Just got my 2004 F350 back from the shop and they had to remoce shroud for easier access

2004 f350 6.0LT no signal to starter?

Possibly a neutral lockout switch, possibly a bad connection, possibly an ignition switch.

What year did ford replace powerstroke 6.0?

6.4L Power Stroke Diesel Engine fitted to 2008 - 2010 F250, F350 and F450 pickup trucks and F350 + Cab Chassis SPONSORED BY:

What is the towing capacity of a 1990 Ford f350 with 7.5 gas engine?

The towing capacity of a 1990 Ford F-350 with a 7.5L V8 is approx. 12500 pounds.

1989 f350 only starts with starter fluid but runs after?

you are loosing fuel pressure in the fuel system somewhere using starter fluid allows engine to start and pump fuel there by purging air from the system

Will 2003 ford f350 rims fit a 1999 ford f350?

No, the 2003 Ford F350 rims will not fit on a 1999 Ford F350.

What is the mpg for a 1990 ford f350 7.3l diesel engine?

all in all with the variations of rear ends average of about 15

How do you replace 1986 Ford F350 power window motor?

If the window motor runs, replace the plastic spacers with ball bearings or bolt nuts. Oliver said it.

1990 f350 towing capacity?

F350 with a 460 in it, and a dually it can pull around 17000lbs. single rear wheel it can pull around 13000. Some people have stated on some forums they have been able to pull 30000lbs with a DRW 460.

Where is the air conditioner low side port on a 1990 f350 7.3 diesel?

Its on the a/c accumulator on the passengers side next to the firewall.....

Will rims off a 2002 ford f350 fit a 1999 ford f350?

Yes, the rims off a 2002 Ford F350 will indeed fir on a 1999 Ford F350.

What is the problem with a 1990 F350 fuel pump continues to run after ignition is off?

Your fuel pump relay is stuck in the "on" position which causes it to run constantly even if your truck is off. Just replace the bad relay. You may have two relays though if you have duel tanks.

How do you replace rotors on 4WD Ford F350?

what year? manual or auto hubs? 2001 , crew cab, 4X4. manual hubs

How many miles can you get out of a 6.0 powerstroke diesel?

2006 f350 6.0 powerstroke. 420,000 miles. Replace injectors and ipr at 400,000

Is a 1990 Ford F350 Diesel Box Truck a one ton or a ton and a half?

It will easily haul 1 1/2 ton.

How many axles in a Ford F350?

The F350 is a two axle vehicle.

How do you Replace water pump F350 2006 6.0?

remove fan and shroud then about four bolts hold it in the front cover drain radiator.

How much horsepower is in a 1990's Ford F350 7.8 Liter- 460 cubic inch engine?

how much horse power