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Where is the starter of a 1990 F-350 cargo van and how do you replace it?


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2004-11-21 10:29:26
2004-11-21 10:29:26

The starter is located on the lower right hand side of the engine, and it will be bolted to the bellhousing of the transmission with two 1/2" or 13MM bolts. If it has only one wire going to it, you won't have to dis-connect the battery. The easiest way to tell this without crawling under, is if you know what the solenoid looks like that would be attached to the radiator support, behind the battery. If it doesn't, or the starter has more than one wire going to it, then the battery will have to be dis-connected. Remove the two bolts, and if the starter has one wire, a 3/8" or 10MM wrench will remove the bolt for the wire terminal. -Remove the wire first. Then the bolts for the starter, and pull it out, and drop it down.


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