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Where is the thermostat located on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?


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It's located on top of the engine . If you follow the radiator hose coming from the engine, on the right side, it is under the hose on the engine.

AnswerIt's a real pain to get to the thermostat on this car. You have to remove the throttle body in order to get a wrench on the thermostat cover bolts. I think you also have to remove the heater pipe that runs across the front of the engine too. AnswerIf you are standing in front of car, It is is on the top right portion of the engine. It is inside the aluminum thermostat housing. You can use a flex ratchet to loosen the 2 screws. It is hard to get to and will take time. It is above the exhaust manifold and below the intake manifold. It is aluminum so don't tighten to hard it will crack. AnswerFind the upper radiator hose on the right-hand side. Follow the hose to the engine block. It should be where the hose meets the engine. Its necessary to unbolt to the hose from the engine to actually see the thermostat.

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Its located under the throttle body or follow the upper radiator hose til it hits a semi round housing. There is 2 bolts to remove it. First you have to drain the radiator fluid of course. I am changing the thermostat right now on my 2001 Chevy lumina and I see I will have to also remove the throttle body to get to the thermostat housing

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The thermostat is located under the elbow of the upper rad hose on top of the intake manifold.

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No, they are 2 totally different bodystyles

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