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it is located in the engine bay L/H/S by the firewall, it is a black box about the size of a match box, it has a lift up lid on it and has diagnostic writen on it

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Q: Where is the timing test connector on a Mazda 121 Bubble?
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How do you set the Timing on a 1990 Mazda 626?

The timing should be at 6 degrees for a non-turbo, with the distributor vacuum lines disconnected and plugged. It will be at 9 degrees for a turbo, with a test connector for idle setting grounded.

How do you locate the test connector on a 1992 Mazda B 2200?

not real sure if it has one, but if it does it should be under the dash

Will a computer diagnostic show timing belt problem for 1999 Mazda 626?

A computer diagnostic test will show a timing belt problem for a 1999 Mazda 626. If there is a problem with the belt, diagnostics will determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Does the 2011 Mazda 6 have a timing belt or chain?

All 2011 Mazdas use timing chain. Just look up "timing" at for your vehicle...and it will show you what is available for sale....that's a good way to test.

What is the timing degree of a 92 Mazda Mx6 Gt 2.2 turbo?

9 degrees btdc with test lead mear wipermotor earthed

How do you adjust the timing on a 1993 Geo Metro hatchback with the three cylinder engine?

This requires a timing light You're supposed to put a jumper wire between the ground terminal and the test switch terminal of the diagnostic connector plug before adjusting the timing. The connector plug is on the firewall under the hood, next to the coil. If you look at the socket straight on with the plastic catch on the left, ground is the lower right hole, test switch is right above it. Then hook up the timing light. The distributor is held in place by two bolts in adjustment slots. Rotate the distributor clockwise to retard timing, counterclockwise to advance timing.

What is the correct ignition timing on a 1989 Chevy truck?

* Start the engine and run it at high idle until the coolant temperature reaches normal operation temperature on the dash gauge. Turn off the engine and disconnect the timing connector. The timing connector on the C and K series trucks is located on the passenger side of the firewall breaking out of the main wiring harness and is a single wire connector with a tan wire with a black stripe. * Connect the timing light to the battery. The red cable goes to the positive post, and the black cable goes to the negative post. Attach the timing pick-up to the number one spark plug wire. Number one is the front plug on the drivers side. Start the engine, and aim the light at the timing marks while pulling the trigger on the light. The timing on the 89 Chevy truck is 0 degrees with the timing connector disconnected. If the two timing marks you marked with white crayon do not line up, adjust the timing. * Set the timing by loosening the distributor slightly, and turning the distributor while observing the timing marks. When they line up, tighten the distributor. Turn off the engine and reconnect the timing connector, remove the timing light, and test drive to verify the repair.

Does obsidian bubble when doing a acid test?

it does

How do you find the code reader test connector ford E250 van?

The code reader test connector, on your Ford E2 50, is located beneath the dashboard on the drivers side. The connector is on the left side of the steering column.

Can you bubble in more than 1 bubble in the state test?

No! If you bubble in more than 1 answer on the same question on the scantron you will get marked wrong answer on that question.

What tool is designed to test dc current from a molex connector?

The tool designed specifically to test DC current from a Molex connector is called a Power Supply Tester.

How do you set the timing on a 2001 Mitsubishi montero sport engine code 6G72?

If this is the engine with no distributor (has plug-wires directly connected to the ignition coils) then you cannot "set" the ignition timing. It is controlled by the computer. You CAN however check the "basic timing setting" by grounding the test wire connector and looking at the timing marks on the crank pulley at the pointer with a timing light. The front passenger side cylinder is Number 1 for the timing light connector. Your basic timing should be running between 2-10 degrees advanced. This must be checked on a fully warmed up engine. The crankshaft position sensor (inside the lower timing cover) is where this is "set" and it is not "adjustable" in any real sense of the word. Good luck.

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