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Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1994 Sunbird LE coupe?

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It is on the right hand side of the steering column by the column support bracket. It is tucked in behind and you need to feel for the round device. It can pretty hard to find.

2007-05-06 11:45:19
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Where is the turn signal flasher on an 89 Chrysler LeBaron coupe 2.5?

The turn signal flasher is located in the light control moduel. That is located under the steering column. If you are having problems with turn signals, check the fuses before changing the light control moduel.

Where is hazard flasher located 1977 Corvette coupe not the turn signal or anti theft flasher found them inside console?

Under the far left upper corner of the fusebox to the left of the brake pedal on the firewall

Where is the turn signal relay flasher located in a 1998 Honda Civic Coupe?

in the fuse box either in the engime compartment or on the driver side under the dash near the door there is a fuse box also.

Where is the turn signal flasher for a 97 Honda accord located?

97 Accord LX Coupe the flasher itself is down by the drivers left foot. There's a bunch of fuses there, above that is a rectangular box and above that are three black boxes. They might all be relays but the blinker box top, closest toward the back of the car.

Where is the turn signal flasher in a 1997 Sebring Coupe LXI?

the flasher unit is under the dashboard...kust to the right of the brake pedal...its a little black plug in box. you'll have to remove the panel under the dash to reach it...but once unplugs easily

Where is the turn signal relay located on a 1995 Sebring coupe?

It is located center of vehicle, just to the right of the steering column, mounted in the front of the console.

Where is the flasher control unit located on 1994 Nissan 300ZX coupe?

Under the dash and just above the steering column - small cannister shaped flasher units are incorporated into the electrical circuits for the directional flashers and hazard lights.

Where is the turn signal control relay located on a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Coupe?

I have a turn signal light that keeps flashing regardless of the control arm position. I think that the problem is in the turn signal control relay but I don't know where it is located. I did find the 3 prong relay located behind the center console but this is not the problem because I replaced it and have the same problem.

Where is blower resister located in 1994 coupe deville?

Are you sure of the year. I don't think there was a 1994 coupe made.

Where is Hyundai coupe starter motor located?


Where is the starter solenoid located on a 1986 Cadillac coupe deville?

The starter solenoid on a 1986 Cadillac Coupe Deville is located under the front of the vehicle. It is to the left of the oil pan.

When turning on a 1994 cavalier coupe turn signals they stay on but don't flash but the 4 way's do?

you need a new flasher for your singal lights.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2004 Corvette Coupe?

it is in the tank

Where is the flasher relay on a 1994 Chevy Cavalier?

i have a 95 cavalier not sure if this will help. Take off the kick plate underneath your steering column that covers all the wiring. You will see a cylindrical object. It will be plugged in. It has two prongs like a regular appliance. There are lots of pics of them on the internet if you search, it will make your finding it a lot easier. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have a 94 cavalier coupe. There are 2 flasher relays. One is for the 4-way hazards and this is located to the right of the fuse box (the fuse box is located right above where you left foot would rest while driving). The other flasher is for your turn signals and is a little harder to get to. Take off the panel that goes below your steering column and you will see an flasher relay located down and to the left of the steering column. Both flasher relays look like a silver round "thing" with 3 prongs.

What kind of rear turn signal bulb do you need for a 2002 ford focus?

3157K coupe 3156K sedan

Where is the turn signal unit in a 1979 cadillac coupe deville?

On top of the steering column, below the steering wheel.

How much is 1987 Pontiac sunbird turbo car worth?

According to, a 1987 Pontiac Sunbird Coupe with a turbo engine has an average retail value of $2,275. That price, however, will depend on a number of factors, including the number of miles on the odometer, the condition of the body and the condition of the components, including the turbocharger.

How do you replace the turn signal light on a 2006 Corvette?

i dont know and i need help replacing the front left turn signal bulb on a 2006 c6 corvette coupe z51

Where is the Coupe Couture fashion boutique located?

The Coupe Couture fashion boutique is a store on wheels. They are located in Mastic, New York and cater to various home parties, where one would host a fashion sale.

Where is the fuel pump in a 1977 coupe de ville located?

probably the tank

Where is the oil filter located on a 1991 Geo Storm Coupe?

under the plenum.

Where is the horn located on a 1996 Saturn coupe?

It is on the driver side, behind headlight.

Where is the starter motor located on a Nissan nx coupe?

On the Nissan NX Coupe the starter is located to the right of the transaxle and to the left of the air cleaner. The air filter will need to be removed as well as the battery to access the starter motor.

Where is the antenna for a Mercedes-Benz c320 coupe?

The Radio antenna for a C320 Coupe is integrated into the rear glass. its replaceable its located at the top of the rear glass

Where is the antenna located on a 2002 civic 2 door coupe?

Same as 2003 models, is located on the rear glass where your rear defrost syst is located.