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Where is the turn signal flasher located on the 97 TA?


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it is located underneath the drivers' side bottom dash panel. it is on a clip on the right hand side.


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The turn signal flasher for a 1997 Dodge Neon is located inside steering cover. It is on the edge of the lever switch, removing the steering cover will make the flasher visible.

its either the flasher or the turn signal switch

The flashers are actually in the center console nere the radio

The Flasher Relay for the 98 Lumina Sedan, (and all 97-03 GM W-Body

Been waiting for the above question is there anyone out there that could answer my question PLEASE !

If the 98 is like the 97, it will be right above the Fuse box by your clutch. If you have an automatic, and no clutch, it will be easier to get it out. There are 3 black boxes hidden up there, one has a Mitsubishi logo on it, that's your Flasher

One Flasher Relay controls all turn signals. It is located front seating area, driver side, under the left side of the instrument panel, mounted to the convenience center; left to the steering column on the bulkhead. If the left turn signals are working then the flasher is not the problem.

did u mean turn signal flasher? well, if it's that it's in the Power Distribution Center, where the AC/heat is connected as well

The turn signal and emergency flashers are on a bracket together under the dash right about where the gas pedal is. The bracket can be lowered by putting a screwdriver into the clip and releasing the little catch. Remove the little cover over both flasher relays. The larger flasher is the turn signal (my 98 flasher was blue) and the smaller is the emergency flasher. I found mine by turning on the flashers and just following the clicking sound. MRMIKE 1998 4WD LARIAT

There is no flasher on the 97. It is all controlled by the LCM or lighting control module. I believe it is between $200 and $400 for a dealership replacement.

The turn signal flasher on a 97 Nissan 200sx in below the steering wheel and to the right . To make it easier to get to you can remove the lower dash cover by taking the screws out of the far right and left sides, then gently pull on the bottom and it will pop off. You will see a metal brace with two bolts, right behind the right bolt is where your flasher is. To make it easier to find you can turn your turn signal on and listen for the clicking. It is held on by a bracket with one screw, but you can gently pull the flasher unit toward you and it will slide off of the bracket. Unplug the electrical connector and you're done.

97 Accord LX Coupe the flasher itself is down by the drivers left foot. There's a bunch of fuses there, above that is a rectangular box and above that are three black boxes. They might all be relays but the blinker box top, closest toward the back of the car.

on the turn signal lever. it rotates forward to be activated

On a 97 Toyota Camry, the flasher relay is typically located under the dash. When the dash is opened, the flasher relay will be right under the gas pedal.

The emergency flashers and the signal lights are separate systems. Each has it's own fuse, switch and flasher relay. If your turn signals light up but don't blink I would blame the signal flasher relay.

possibly flasher. if that doesn't work. The problem may be the turning signal unit located in the steering column. Check to see if the license plate light is shoredt out in the step bumper. Mine did and it took out the turn signals and cruise control.

Assuming you mean the "flasher" it is located under the dash behind the lower dash trim panel, to the left of the cigarette lighter. There is no access door - you must remove the whole panel. See related link.

Your car has a combination signal/hazard flasher. It's plugged into the "convenience center" which is mounted at the top of the left kick panel.

On a 1997 Ford F-150 : The multifunction switch is inside the steering column cover , except for the turn signal lever and the hazard flasher button that sticks out of the cover

The combination flasher unit for the turn signals and hazard flashers is located to the left of the floor console behind the lower steering colum trim cover.

On the turn signal lever, pull back to dip or raise lights.

I have a '98 Explorer, and the flasher is located behind and above the cover to the emissions diagnostic connector. This cover is to the left of the hood release. You can't get to the flasher via the cover. You have to look/reach underneath the bottom end of the dashboard. Maybe the '97 flasher is in the same area. In the 97 Ford Explorer the flasher unit is directly behind and above the OBD 2 dignostics connector it is yellow and mounted with two plastic fasteners to a bracket it will have one additional male connector than an aftermarket replacement flasher which is not used so an aftermaket unit will work fine just tie wrap it back to the original bracket.

According to my Haynes repair manual , the hazard flasher relay and turn signal relay are under the dash to the right of the steering column . From the picture they appear to be square shaped and are inside a covered plastic relay box. (Helpfull)

Your turn signal probably is not flashing because the turn signal lightbulb is burnt out. You could also have a loose wire on the turn signal.

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