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Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2001 VW Beetle 1.8 turbo?

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2015-07-14 16:46:16
2015-07-14 16:46:16

I just paid my VW dealer $469 for the 40k service ... they wanted an additional $315 to "fix" the "electrical problem" with my turn indicator lights. I said "screw that!" So the bastids gave my car back without an inspection sticker.

I looked everywhere for the flasher unit (some months ago) whenever the turn indicators ceased working properly (intermittent) ... then again before I took it in to the dealer ... but to no avail. I figured it might be well hidden up underneath the dash in some totally inaccessible location ... or buried beneath all that plastic shrouding underneath the hood ... but I couldn't see anything that looked remotely like a flasher unit.

So, remembering that it would "flash" once about every 20 times turn signal lever was flipped, I determined to find it. I parked in my quiet driveway and lay down with my ear near the dash and flipped the turn indicator lever until I got a single weak "click." It appeared to be coming from the "emergency flasher" switch ... you know, the one in the lower switch panel (flanked by the rheostats for the heated seats) with a triangular icon. That's it! The emergency flaser switch IS the turn flasher relay, too! Getting access isn't easy.

You need one of those fancy-smancy star-shaped screwdrivers (and a stubby, at that) to remove the 4 screws ... two at the bottom of the plastic housing in which the switches are mounted, and two more are revealed whenever you pry off the plastic trim that surrounds the rheostats at each end of the switch panel (yep, they just pry right off with your fingers ... pull TOWARD you). Once you have the 4 retaining screws extracted, you can pry the whole switch panel downward at the back, and free up a lip on the upper front edge, dropping the whole thing downward so you can access the wiring harnesses and back-sides of the switches. Pry off the wiring connector from the back of the unit (there's a plastic keeper, but just wiggle the plug & pull sternly and it'll come right off without breaking anything). Then push down on a retainer at the top front of the switch unit and shove it forward and slide it out of the switch panel.

This is the cheapest crappiest constructed switch I have ever seen on a German engineered automobile (maybe it's made in Mexico?). The trouble with mine was the burnt-up contact points of the relay. You have to remove the activator button (the iconized cap) off the front of the switch in order to get the case off (it slides right off if you pry up the edges with a knife tip to free the latches) to get inside for surgery. Doing some micro-surgery to clean the single relay contacts and bend them (with a very fine needle nosed pliers) slightly so that they once again touched when the coil was activated, solved my problem.

Wow! Charging $117 for this cheap piece of crap ought to be felonious!

I forgot to mention ... I checked several different parts houses for a flasher for my 2001 Beetle (AutoZone, NAPA, O'Reilly] ... but they didn't even have a listing for one in their systems. One said his only entry was "dealer item."

Here is the exact numbers from the side panel on mine:

[VW logo] PNT Germany ICO 953 235 WBS + D1 PA6.6 GF30 [a symbol looking like a musical note]

Hey ... hey ... hey ... found a VW Hazard Flasher Switch here for $22:∂=Hazard+Flasher+Switch&dp=false

, THANK YOU, THEY Wanted to charg me about $250 and they say it was some electrical problem, i replaced the part myself for $30 thank you again.

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