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Where is the turn signal relay flasher located in a 1998 Honda Civic Coupe?


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in the fuse box either in the engime compartment or on the driver side under the dash near the door there is a fuse box also.


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The turn signal flasher is located in the light control moduel. That is located under the steering column. If you are having problems with turn signals, check the fuses before changing the light control moduel.

Under the far left upper corner of the fusebox to the left of the brake pedal on the firewall

The 1995 Honda Civic Coupe has six and a half inch speakers. Some models in the Civic Coupe series do not have rear speakers.

It is on the right hand side of the steering column by the column support bracket. It is tucked in behind and you need to feel for the round device. It can pretty hard to find.

Same as 2003 models, is located on the rear glass where your rear defrost syst is located.

Two of the features of the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe are power windows and heated seats. The 2013 Honda Civic Coupe is a very good car for your growing family.

in the fuel tank. on a coupe, it is under rear seat.

No, the suspension, tires, motor and some cosmetic trim parts are different.

Honda Civic SI is faster than a Honda Civic Coupe. Civic SI has more torque and horsepower than the regular civic. butt they are all import pieces of shitt and should not be driven by any man under any circumstance, these are women cars...asian women

97 Accord LX Coupe the flasher itself is down by the drivers left foot. There's a bunch of fuses there, above that is a rectangular box and above that are three black boxes. They might all be relays but the blinker box top, closest toward the back of the car.

In the passenger side right kick panel next to the speaker.

The timing marks on a 2000 Honda Civic Ex Coupe are on the crank pulley. They are also on the cam.

No, there is no such thing as a EJ1 civic hatchback. EJ = Civic coupe. Therefore, EG= Civic hatchback.

a hood from a 1999 civic will only fit a 1999 or 2000 civic, and for the 1993, you should be able to use any hood from a 92-95 civic, of the same style (ex. coupe fits coupe, sedan to sedan, and hatchback to hatchback, though I believe hatchback and coupe use the same hood)

It is located center of vehicle, just to the right of the steering column, mounted in the front of the console.

the flasher unit is under the dashboard...kust to the right of the brake pedal...its a little black plug in box. you'll have to remove the panel under the dash to reach it...but once unplugs easily

The headlights on a 1998 Honda Civic use adjustment screws which are located on the side of each headlight in the engine bay. Tightening it will raise the light and loosening it will lower it.

Yes front end on a coupe and hatchback are the same

Under the dash and just above the steering column - small cannister shaped flasher units are incorporated into the electrical circuits for the directional flashers and hazard lights.

1994 Honda Civic DX 2door (coupe) has a fuel pump located on the fuel tank. Under the backseat on the drivers side. Fuel pump is located under the backseat on the drivers side. On top of the fuel tank.

The best tires for a 1996 Honda Civic Ex Coupe are Michelin from Costco. You should get the full 90,000 miles out of them too! I did.

Check out the wiring for the speed sensor located on the trans,. GoodluckJoe

I have a '00 Civic Si (coupe) and its tank is 11.9 gallons. Given that the base construction of all sixth generation Civic coupes is the same, then the tank is probably the same capacity on a '96 model.

A Honda Civic coupe has 9003 headlight bulbs

on a 2004 civic coupe, running 205-40-17 and they seem accurate.

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