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The water pump is driven by the timing belt on the driver's side of the engine. You have to remove the timing belt cover to see it. It is secured by 4 (maybe 5) 10mm bolts. While you're at it, I would replace the timing belt.

All very true -- but first

Go ahead and borrow a 3/4 inch drive impact wrench and have it ready , go ahead and buy the pump, belt, and head cover gasket kit before you get dirty.

I would start by jacking up the left front and removing the tire and splash shield (15 min.) this also gets the car up in the air so it's not so hard on your back to bend over all the time working on it. Then remove the cruise control actuator and lay it on the induction system (no need to remove hoses). The darn electrical connector was tough to get off so just be patient and you'll see how to take it apart. (10 Minutes) Then remove the Power Steering pump and reservoir and lay them near the cruise control box. You'll need to pull the hoses off the reservoir and that will make a nice mess. Also remove the mounting bracket and the belt tightener (90 minutes as I had to heat 1 bolt red hot with the accetelyne torch to get it off))

Then take off the alternator belt (that caused the most blood loss for me (fat arm, tight space)) Then remove the head cover. (5 minutes) and the upper belt cover ( 2 minutes). Now take your 17 mm impact socket on your 3/4 inch drive air impact wrench and remove the big pulley through the wheel well. (1 minute) (or you can screw around with breaker bars, rubber straps and your 1/2 inch electric impact wrench for 4 hours and then go borrow the 3/4 inch BAD BOY). Now remove the 3 bolts holding the bottom cover and you are in!. I went ahead and lined up the timing marks before removing the timing belt but really, as long as you are very careful not to move either pulley with the belt off, you will be fine. loosen the tightener pulley nut and remove the belt. NOW you get to remove 5 easy bolts and put on the new pump (easy as pie). Reverse the procedure to get it done ( Use a 5.231 second burst from your now ashamed 1/2 inch impact wrench to reinstall your big pulley at the required 135 ft-lbs torque) DO NOT USE THE BAD BOY! Add 1/2 gallon of antifreeze and top off with water. I had a ball! and hope you do as well!

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Q: Where is the water pump located on a 1992 Honda Civic?
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