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Where is transmission filter on a 1988 accord lxi?


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2005-11-12 22:32:15
2005-11-12 22:32:15

i dont think there is one just a drain and fill. if there is a spring and ball in the drain pay attention to how they come out. i blew my trainy by not putting them in right. Honda Accords do not have transmission fluid filters. That is why they recommend changing the transmission fluid so often. If you can change your own oil, you can change the transmission fluid - it is easy.


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I have a similar issue my '88 accord LXI automatic does not have reverse and it grinds in park and drive. Told the shift fork in the transmission and shift for bushing are going out and the tranny needed to be rebiult

No it's not. That is the fuel filter. The fuel pump is in the fuel tank. you can access it through a cover plate just behind the back seat. No need to remove the fuel tank. For an 1988 Honda Accord LXI the fuel pump is in the back right of your intake manafold.

Standing in front of car.. It is to the right of the battery under all the hoses its hard to see and is down there a-ways.

There was not a 1999 Honda Accord LXi made. Do you have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi?

i also have a 1987 Honda accord lxi 5spd. It takes regular 10w-30 motor and it takes about 2 quarts

I believe its attached on the frame underneath the driverside door.

inside the transmission behind all the electronics and valve body Visit here it has full diagram, GL!

The capacity of the oil is 3.5 litres when replacing oil and filter.

your slave cylinder is bad,its bolted on to transmission,replace and bleed system.

Yes, this is an interference engine. Replace the belt every 60,000 miles.

i belive itb is under the drivers seat under a plastic box.

Yes the 98 H.P. LX had a carburetor, only the 120 H.P. LXi had fuel injection.

The Oxygen sensor of a 89 honda accord lxi fuel injection 2.0 valve engine is located in front of the engine on the manifold .

The temperature gauge sending unit, located on a 1989 Honda Accord LXI is located on the thermostat. It is the small connection with a single wire sticking out of it.

Anything will fit with enough time and money, but not easily, and more importantly, why???

It was sold in a different country. In the third-generation Accord "LX" means it has a carburetor and "LXI" means fuel injection. Fourth-generation Accords are all fuel injected, so they sold them as LX in some countries and LXI in others.

A 1989 Accord Lxi fuel pump can be reached vial the service panel located under the rear seat. Remove the seats and panel to reach the pump.

The starter is located near the bottom front of the engine. You can follow the positive battery cable, from the battery directly to the starter.

I believe it is located under the passinger side seat? At least on my 89 LXi is where it is

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