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the problem could be the spark plugs, coils, wires, timing or alot of other thing s but try that

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Q: Where would the problem be if your car will not start but will turn over?
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The engine turn over but wont start what could be the problem?

I do not have a answer for it, do you an answer for this problem?

Can the solenoid be the problem why your car doesn't start?

If it doesnt turn over it can be

My 1999 Ford Explorer V8 turns over but won't start?

You probably need to replace the fuel pump, I had this problem before my engine would turn over but just would not start. The problem was I wasn't getting any fuel to the engine.

95sunfire will turn over will not start?

My 95 sunfire had the same problem and my fix was a new fuel pump a little more info would help diagnose the problem better.

Why would a 95 Toyota Corolla turn over but not start?

A lack of fuel is the most common cause for an automobile to turn over but not start. A plugged air filter can also cause the vehicle to turn over but not start.

2003 galant will not start. will turn over. what is problem?

i have the same thing going on my 02 but no spark

Why would your 1996 eclipse start sometimes and not other times?

Just had the same problem with mine...if it will not turn over sometimes then it is your ignition switch. If it does turn over everytime check your stater, starter cylinoid, alternator and battery.

Why wont my 1995 Dodge Neon start even after battery jump what else could be the problem?

First guess would be a starter motor Does it turn over?

1996 bravada turn over but will not start?

If a 1996 Bravada will turn over, but not start, the carburetor may be plugged. Bad spark plugs, a clogged fuel filter, or a clogged air filter can also be the problem.

What would cause a Saturn SL2 to turn over but not start on a hot start as in once the car warms up and you turn the ignition off it will not start again but it starts fine on a cold start up?

probably your ECM malfunctioning i just fixed the same problem on an was a new starter... the starter over heats and is non op... or try a coolant temp sensor with new connector is a common problem aswell

What would cause Nissan 2000 Maxima to turn over but not start the starter MAF coils6 have all been replaced still same problem?

could be the timing belt if it is broken it will turn over all day but wont start could also be fuel pump and filter it the pump is bad or the filter is severly clogged you will have the same problem

Why would me nissna altima make a grinding noise and not turn over when trying to start?

maybee your battery is low The battery wouldn't matter there, the starter is having a problem

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