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Where would you find a performance air filter for a 25.4cc go cart engine?


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If the air filter is dirty and clogged it will not allow enough air to pass for the engine to run, the filter should be changed along with the oil changes for best performance or at the least yearly, with quarterly cleaning of the filter.

not necessarily, only if the filter is completely clogged will it cause the engine not to start. this rarely happens suddenly. you would notice a sever lose of performance first.

Without an oil filter in place the engine oil would just be pumped out of the engine , so the engine would run until the engine seized

Which highest performance Toyota engine would fit in my 1985 Corolla

more information is needed . What engine and what type of set up are you talking about should be no problem but the maf sensor at the original air cleaner ( if its a newer engine ) will need to be repositioned in the pre throttle body air flow. There are plenty or aftermarket performance air cleaners that will fit in the oem location.

On a 2003 Ford Taurus : Yes , there is an engine oil filter On the 3.0 liter " Vulcan " V6 engine , the oil filter would be on the side of the engine that faces the front of the vehicle and takes the ( Motorcraft FL-400-S engine oil filter ) The 3.0 liter DOHC , Duratec V6 engine takes the ( Motorcraft FL-820-S engine oil filter )

No it would not. Transmission performance does not affect the engine. But engine performance does affect the transmission.

Where is the engine made?? should be on one of the labels under the hood?? chip---gearing??? yes if you do a little research on exactly what kind of "performance " you want and how to best get it.

Not likely. A bad O2 sensor would illuminate the check engine light and the engine performance would suffer.

The function of the engine oil filter is to remove contaminants from the oil. It removes very tiny small particles that are floating in the oil. Without an oil filter that engine oil would become dirty very quickly. This is why it is of utmost importance to use a quality oil filter.

Warning signs that a filter needs replaced include poor engine performance or even a seize-up of your engine, decreased fuel efficiency and poor starting or stalling. Regular filter maintenance is essential - many times by the time a filter shows signs that it needs replacement, it is usually too late. your engine wont "seize up" just will run really bad if filter is blocked. just change it when you buy a new car and if you run outa gas. other than that once a year would be good

That would be part of the crankcase ventilation system. I guess you could call it the air filter housing to engine crankcase ventilation tube.

5QTS. with a new filter. ------ Previous answer by Neutz is incorrect. Correct capacity is 6.1 quarts with new filter. Change the filter, and fill with 6 quarts of fresh oil. (5w30) Would highly recommend Mobil 1 'Extended Performance' 5w30, Castrol Syntec 5w30 (black bottle). -TEXASGUNMETAL

Well, depends what engine? Spark plug's, air filter, oil, oil filter. Check carb's if any. Timing if it is really running bad. Knowing what engine sure would help.

Yes, tuning a car does increase its performance. By buying parts and tuning a car up, the performance goes up as well. If a person would tune up the engine it would possibly increase the car's horsepower thus increasing its performance.

That depends on what failure caused the code. Certain failures can cause a safe mode, that would reduce performance to prevent further damage to the engine, exhaust , or trans systems.

None. Those engines draw so much air a filter would be sucked into the engine.

Only way that can happen is:- 1. No oil in engine. Highly unlikely, engines don't go far without it. Even if the engine is using a lot of oil and was nearly out there would still be oil in the filter. 2. Faulty filter put in at last service. Impossible, the engine would not make it to the next service. You are right to question it, you can run an engine without oil in the filter, until it melts. The man is having a lend of your Mom.

If it didn't have an air filter then dust, dirt and certainly grass clippings will be sucked into the engine and accelerate the wear on the engine. If you never put one on it would probably cut the life of the engine in half.

The bypass valve in an oil filter allows the oil to bypass the filter if the filter becomes clogged. Some filters also have an anti-drain back valve when the filter is mounted in such a way as the oil could drain out of the filter. This valve prevents the oil from running back into the engine out of the filter which would cause the engine to be started with an empty filter every time.

Hey. The reason why your engine is over heating is 1.),Your engine has dirt and other gunk in it, or,2.)You need a new filter, or3.), your engine doesn't have a filter and you need to get one. The filter I recommend is the filter with the orange micro-fibers in it. I do not remember the name of it offhand, so I'll try to get back and tell you. - 11Hilsonn

Performance wise it would be the 6.1L SRT8 Hemi produces by Chrysler motors. Performance/Economical would be the 5.7l Hemi R/T produced by Chrysler motors.

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