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Toyotas and Hondas, if well maintained, will be extremely reliable cars. Toyota Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company have long dominated reliability, Toyota since about 1977 and Honda since about 1980. Also, Toyota holds 18 of the Canadian Automobile Association's Pyramid Awards for "vehicle engineering excellence in terms of actual, long-term, reliable performance," and Honda holds another 3. Nissan holds 3 and Ford 1. (See However, reliability is only one factor in durability.

Toyota Motor Corporation accounts for more than 63% of Auto on Info's high mileage vehicles with 400,000 or more miles and 15 or more years and 60% of its top 25 high mileage holders.

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  • The general public seems to believe that Toyota and Honda produce the most reliable cars. Because of this, they maintain their value very well. In actuality, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Hyundai (newer models) are all very reliable. As long as you maintain these cars, they should easily hit 150,000 miles without the need for any major repairs.
  • There is no Mercedes-Benz that holds a CAA Pyramid Award; however, before the late 1980s its reliability was roughly comparable to those of Toyota and Honda. Prior to 1977, Mercedes-Benz's reliability exceeded that of any other manufacturer.
  • I, James Bleeker, personally own a 1984 Toyota Corolla with more than 546,000 miles. I purchased this vehicle new, so I know the major repairs. A new radiator was installed at 290,000 miles and a used transmission was installed at 479,000 miles. The vehicle basically takes care of itself, although I have never gone more than 6,500 miles between oil changes. The rest of the maintenance schedule has been more or less followed.
  • I do not believe it is a specific make or model, but the drive train set up that will enable a vehicle to last for a prolonged duration of time. Rear wheel drive V8 models last the longest. And of course it would also depend on how the owner takes care of the car. If it is serviced/maintained well, if it is driven properly and how often it is used.
  • A Mercedes Benz will last a very long time if maintained correctly. The engines are extremely well built.
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Q: Which car will last the longest and causes the least hassle?
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