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Which countries were invaded in World War 2?

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In Europe, virtually every country was invaded by Italy, Germany, or the Soviets. Germany invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, the BENELUX nations, France, Greece, and Yugoslavia. Later they invaded the USSR. The German north African campaign did not technically invaded any 'countries' since Libya was an Italian colony and Egypt a British one. The Russians invaded all the nations on their western border - Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland (and Romania - via threats in 1940). Later in the war the Russians invaded Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and Slovakia. Italy campaigned in Albania (technically a protectorate prior to the war) and Greece. They also invaded France - barely. The English and Americans invaded Germany after liberating France/Benelux. They also fought a long campaign in Italy, but this was mainly of liberation, since Italy joined the Allies in 1943. In Asia, the Japanese didn't invaded any independent countries during WWII. The Chinese war was well under way before WWII. Thailand was allied to Japan. All other Japanese conquests were of colonies and possessions of the various European and American powers.

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Q: Which countries were invaded in World War 2?
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Which country invaded France and the benelux countries during world war 2?

It was Germany,that invaded the Benelux countries and France during World War II.

Which country was invaded first in world war 2?

Although several countries on three continents were invaded before the war began, it is generally accepted that Poland was the first country invaded in World War 2.

What countries were invaded by France during World War 2?


What were the first 2 countries Germany invaded in World War 2?

China and Albania

Why is Hitler to blame for world war 2?

because he invaded other countries

What countries invaded France during World War 2?

germany and italy

What countries did Hitler invaded before World War 2?

Czechoslovakia and Austria

What scandanvian countries were invaded by Germany in world war 2?

Norway and Denmark.

What neutral countries invaded germany?

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

Why was France involved in World War 2?

Because Germany invaded them. Countries tend to fight back when they get invaded.

What did germany do to make the other countries join world war 2?

The Germans invaded several countries.

What countries were invaded by Italy during World War 2?

Italy Italy Italy

Which countries invaded germany during World War 2?


What countries invaded Germany during world war 2?

England, the US and Russia

What were 3 countries Hitler invaded in world war 2?

Greece,France,and Norway

Who was the German dictator who invaded neighboring countries and caused world war 2?

Adolf Hitler.

Which countries did Hitler invade before World War 2 and Why?

The countries he invaded were Anschluss, Austria, Sudentenland, Chechoslovakia, and Poland.

What countries were invaded by Germany in World War 2 and when?

Poland was invaded on 17 September 1939. France was invaded on 10 May 1940. Russia was invaded on 22 June 1941.

What army invaded Amsterdam during World War 2?

no Amsterdam was not invaded during the world war ver.2

Why was Germany made the primary target in World War 2?

Because they were the aggressors that invaded other countries.

What countries did Germany invade and occupy in World War 2?

Germany invaded several contries in Europe

What country World War 2 had been started in?

World War 2 essentially began in Poland when Hitler invaded it. It was a violation of the Versailles Treaty. This resulted in countries declaring war on Hitler.

What countries did Hitler conquer before World War 1 even started?

Hitler invaded Poland before World War 2 started and it was the reason many countries declared war against Germany.

Who was France invaded by in world war ii?

france was invaded by Germany and Italy during world war 2

Where did America invaded before entering world war 2?

The United States had invaded the Philippines before they entered the World War 2.