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India and South Korea celebrates Independence Day on 15 of August.

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Which countries celebrate Independence Day on August 14?

Pakistan is the country which celebrate its independence day on 14th of august.thay gor the freedom from india

On what date do the Indonesians celebrate independence day?

The Indonesians celebrate Independence day on the 17th of August

What day was Independence Day for Tanzania?

On august 15 we celebrate independence day

Who celebrate indipendence August 15?

India celebrate the Independence Day on the 15th August.

What do Indonesians celebrate?

They celebrate Indonesian Independence day which is on the 17 of august.

Which country does not celebrate Independence Day?

Independence Day in the US (July 4th) is celebrated only in the US. It was our Independence, so we celebrate it.

Is it indepedance day in trinidad and tobago?

Trinidad & Tobago first gained independence on August 31st 1962. Since then, the country always celebrate Independence Day on the 31st of August every year.

Which countries celebrate their independence day on 15th aug?

Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein and India celebrate their Independence Day on August 15.

What religious festivals do they celebrate in India?

They celebrate their independence day on August 15th.

Country that does not celebrate Independence Day?

no one

Why do you have Independence Day?

It is a point of pride in one's history to celebrate Independence Day for your country.

What day does Switzerland celebrate its independence?

on 1st August (Bundesfeiertag).

When does Uruguay celebrate it's Independence Day?

Uruguay celebrates its Independence Day on August 25th. (1825)

On Independence Day we celebrate Independence from?

Every country has their own independence day and they celebrate it from different countries. Ex: for the US it is July 4th, independence from the United Kingdom

On which date does Indonesia celebrate Independence Day?

They achieved independence on 17th of August 1945.

What is liberation day in Afghanistan?

They celebrate Afghan Independence Day on 19 August.

Which country doesn't celebrate its Independence Day?

Thailand does not celebrate AK

How many countries celebrate Independence Day?

Every country has their own independence day and celebrates it.

When does Chile celebrate their national Independence Day?

they celebrate it in august 5th actually the independence day for Chile is Sept. 18. That was the day they won their independece from the french acutally its Spain

What date do Indonesians celebrate Independence Day?

august 17 1945

Why do celebrate kalayaan?

Araw ng Kalayaan is known for being Independence day for the country of the Philippines. A person will celebrate Araw ng Kalayaan to honor their country and celebrate its Independence.

On Independence Day we celebrate independence from whom?

On Independence Day we celebrate independence from the British.

On what day do we celebrate independence from what country?

Many countries have an independence day. See the link below for a list.

Which is the only country that does not celebrate National day or Independence day?

Every country has their own independence day, if you mean the US independence day of July 4th, only the US celebrates it.

Which countries celebrate independence day on 15th august?

Republic of Congo and India