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Which elements are in the compound NaBr?

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Sodium and bromine are the elements in sodium bromide (NaBr) compound.

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compound but separate they are elements

There are two elements that make up the compound NaBr, or sodium bromide. These two elements are sodium and bromine.

Yes, NaBr is ionic because of the large difference in electronegativity between these two elements.

NaBr are two different elements. they are sodium and bromine.

NaBr is Sodium Bromide (Na is Sodium, Br is Bromine) Usually when you link only two elements together the ending of the product is -ide

NaBr is an ionic compound. It is also a "molecule" but is referred to as a formula unit.

It is Sodium Bromide, which is a halide (group 7 elements), yes, it is a variation of salt in a compound.

This compound is sodium bromide.

NaBr is a formula unit because it is an ionic compound.

Yes, sodium bromide (NaBr) is a compound.

NaBr is sodium bromide. This is an inorganic compound that is commonly used in medicine, especially for sedatives and anticonvulsants.

Sodium bromide (NaBr) is a compound.

Sodium Bromide - ionic compound - NaBr.

If a compound contains at least one metal atom and at least one nonmetal atom, the compound is ionic. Na (Sodium) is a metal. Br (Bromine) is a nonmetal. Therefore, the compound NaBr is ionic.

It is ionic because the compound includes a metal.

NaBr is ionic. There is no compound by the formula NaBr3.

The name of the compound with the symbol NaBr is sodium bromide. Sodium bromide is a sedative and hypnotic when used over a long period of time. It can be used to control refractory seizures and status epilepticus if no other medication will work.

The chemical compound of sodium and bromine is sodium bromide -NaBr.NaBr is used as drug (sedative agent), disinfectant, preparation of dense fluids for oil extraction.

Yes it is anionic compound because, We know that the alkali metal sodium (Na) will form an ionic bond with the halogen bromine (Br) to create sodium bromide (NaBr). The equation looks like this:Na + Br => NaBr

A compound is composed of two or more elements. A compound of only two elements is a binary compound.

NaBr is an ionic compound. Generally, a metal bonded with a nonmetal forms an ionic compound. Also, the difference in electronegativity between Na and Br is 2.03, which is definitely ionic.

Sodium bromide = NaBr Two elements: sodium and bromine. Two atoms, Na and Br.

1 mole NaBr = 102.89377g 2.45mol NaBr x 102.89377g/mol = 252g NaBr

No, NaBr is a neutral salt.

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