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Sunnis, Shi'ite have come after, Sunnis are the most main.

(I'm Muslim)

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Shia Muslims believe shia Islam started from time of prophet and prophet many times used the term "shia of Ali" and many times said to Ali "you and your shia ..."

for example shia Muslims refer to such Hadithes (sayings of prophet):

"O Ali, you the first who enters Heaven and your shias are in chairs of light and they are happy and their faces are lumine around me. ask God forgive their mistakes and they will be my neighbors in Heaven.

انت اول داخل الجنة من امتی وان شیعتک علی منابر من نور مسرورون مبیضة وجوههم حولی ,اشفع لهم فیکونون غدا فی الجنة جیرانی

this saying is mentioned in many sunni books like these 2 book:

کفایة الطالب، ص135، و در مجمع الزواید ج 9 ص 131

Shia Muslims believe shia Islam is the original Islam of prophet and sunnism started when Abubakr selected by people and not by God and the will of God about Ali did not happen after prophet.

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Does the shiite or the sunni consider themselves more orthodox?

yes. both

Are both Sunni and Shiite Islam considered Orthodox Islam?

Answer 1each of them namely ,shiite and sunni , consider himself as right position. it means that shiite and sunnism know themselves as orthodox. but if we take orthodoxy as opinion which is the best and right insight among others.Answer 2Yes. Both the Sunni and Shiite positions taken by the Ulemaa or Scholars are considered to be Orthodox Islam. Non-Orthodox Islam includes more minor sects, such as Ibadiyya and Ahmadiyya, possible post-Islamic sects such as Alevis, Alawites, and Yarsanis, and, finally, Liberal Islamic interpretations (such as those of Tawfik Hamid and Irshad Manji).

Are there more Sunni Muslims or Shiite Muslims?

There are more Sunni Muslims than Shiite Muslims. Shiite Muslims represent about 15% of the global Islamic community whereas Sunni Muslims represent 85%. The numbers of the other sects are negligible.

Is Persia more Sunni or more Shiite?

more shiya.about 95percent

Are there more Shiite Muslims than Sunni Muslims?

No. Sunni Muslims are the numerical majority.

Are there more sunni or shiite Muslims?

Sunni as majority compromise more of Muslims in comparison with shiah as minority.

Is Gadafi a Sunni or Shiite?

he was Sunni.

Was sadam huusein shiite or sunni?


Was the Ottoman Empire sunni or shiite?


Sunni and Shiite are two factions of this religion?

Islam.Sunni and Shiite are two factions of Islam.

Are most Iraqis Sunni or Shiite?

Iraq is majority Shiite, but has a significant Sunni minority.

What religion does Sunni and Shiite branch?

Sunni and shiite of Islam are the protestant and catholic of Christianity. Also, protestants and catholics have much more differences than do sunnis to shiites.

What are sunni and shiite?

they are two sects in islam religion.the sunni counted as majority and the the shiite counted as minority.

Are the Taliban Sunni or Shiite?

they are Wahhabi that is a sunni sect.

Was bin laden shiite or sunni?

he was wahhabi sunni

What is more widely practiced sunni or shiite?

Sunni Islam comprises roughly 85% of the worldwide Islamic population.

Who are extreme muslims sunni or shiite?

Extremists come from both the Sunni and Shiite camp, but compose a minority in each.

Who is the taliban sunni or shiite?

they are Wahhabi which is one sunni sect.

What are Shiite and Sunni factions of?

The shiite and Sunni are two factions of Islam religion. first counted as minorrity and second as majority.

What religion are the sunni and shiite from?

the Sunni and Shiite are two main sects in Islam religion first as majority and latter as minority.

Can a Kurd be a Sunni or Shiite?

Yes. There are Sunni Kurds (who form the majority) and Shiite Kurds (who form one of the Kurdish minorities).

Is the Muslim Brotherhood Shiite?

No, they are Sunni.

Is Sunni a democracy?

No, thats a shiite

What are two factions of Shiite and Sunni?

The followers of Islam split into two factions, the Sunni and Shiite; nevertheless, the religion continued to blossom.

What religion involves Shiite and Sunni?

Shiite and Sunni as two Main sects of Islam religion. first as majority and latter as majority.

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