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Probably not the oxygen sensor. I'd check the wheel speed sensors first. Possibly even a wheel bearing.

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Q: While driving down the interstate Traction off light came on and your cruise countrol went off Sounds like almost a knocking noise now when you accelerate Could this be an oxygen sensor problem?
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What would cause a loud knocking noise in the front of the car when you accelerate?

you may have a rod knocking and you need to take it to a shop asap

2002 trailblazer when you accelerate it makes bad knocking sound?

IT is your CV Joints which is making this noise.

What is the knocking noise from your 2000 Chevy Tracker that gets louder when I accelerate?

you probably threw a rod out, get it to a mechanic ASAP or you will have more problems.

Why does your engine make a knocking sound when you accelerate?

When you accelerate. you are putting presure on the main engine barrens. if they are going bad. You will hear this knocking sound. I don't know how many miles you have on this engine. But that's what it sounds like. But that's not all that can make this sound. You will have to tell more about it and when it started. Did it just start all at once? or did it start and then get louder?

What would be wrong when a 1993 Toyota corolla starts making a knocking sound when accelerating but then wont accelerate at all and still makes the knocking sound?

Might be a cracked vacumn hose, there are plenty, and the age is about right for this to happen.

What would cause a knocking noise to get faster as you accelerate?

It's according to where the noise is coming from if it's the rods knocking due to low oil it will get faster because they move up and down and move faster when the motor gets faster.

When you accelerate you feel a knocking in the steering wheel and a squeaking sound from the floor board?

probably a universal joint. Or a cv joint depending on what is applicable to your car

Why do you hear a clicking sound from the engine when you accelerate?

when we accelerate vehicle the supply of fuel gets increased .. Then inside the combustion chamber all the charge can't burn in such case so phenomena of knocking takes place.. So the sound can be heared.

Why is it only when you accelerate in a turn in a 93 prelude do you hear a knocking noise?

balljoint or control arm. Or possibly CV joints had the same problem with a 92 prelude

What would cause a knocking noise in the front of auto when you accelerate while turning the wheel?

It sounds like your CV (Constant Velocity) joints are worn and need to be replaced

How do you know if valves bad on Chevy Camaro?

if youre getting alot of white smoke from your tailpipe and if you hear a knocking noise coming from the top end of the motor could either be a rocker arm or a valve if it is knocking and the valve is bad the knocking will speed up as you accelerate valve are cheap and easy to replace anymore questions email me at

In a 2000 Pontiac grand am you have a knocking noise in the front end that goes away when you accelerate and break but it is there when coasting?

First, check the lug nuts. If that's not it, check the wheel bearings.

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