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  • The union opposed confederacy.

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the union opposed the confederacy in the civil war.

Who opposed the Confederacy?The Union opposed the Confederacy in the Civil War. The Union was the North and the Confederacy was the South.

The Union or Federal forces opposed the Confederacy.

During the Civil War, the Confederacy tried to secede from the Union.

Another name for the South during the Civil War was the confederacy

Yes the Confederacy did have power mills during the Civil War.

The French and the English did not support the Confederacy during the Civil War. Instead, the countries decided to support the Union.

Davis was the president of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Robert E. Lee was the main military leader of the Confederacy during Civil War. He was the general for most of the CW times.

There were 11 states that stayed in the Confederacy.

who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?who was the northerner who opposed the civil war?

Richmond, Virginia was the Confederate capital during the Civil War.Richmond, Virginia

Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederacy for the duration of the Civil War.

No, Richmond, Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy throughout the Civil War.

If you are asking about the civil war he was the president of the confederacy.

He was president of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Richmond, VAThe Confederate capital during the civil war was Richmond Virginia. In the unions plan "Anaconda Plan", one was to capture the capital of the confederacy

Belle Boyd was a spy for the Confederacy during the Civil War. She was nicknamed the Cleopatra of the Secession.

In the American Civil War, the two opposed forces were the Union (also known as the North) and the Confederacy (also known as the South).

The Copperheads were a faction of the Democrat Party in the North who were opposed to the Civil War.

The Confederate States of America or Confederacy

The Rebals, the Confederate States , or the Confederacy

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