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Who has achieved the American dream?

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. . . . Bill Gates...

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In what way has Gatsby achieved the American dream?

He made a fortune of his own

What is an American dream?

When an American person has a dream, it is called an American Dream!

How Walt Disney achieved his dream?


What is your passion in life?

My passion is to achieved my dream

Slim from 'Of Mice and Men' is meant to be a symbol of the American dream. Explain why he is thought to have achieved the dream even though he works for the boss?

he wants to have good fun with lennie

What are the release dates for American Dream - 1981 American Dream?

American Dream - 1981 American Dream was released on: USA: 26 April 1981

What has Madonna achieved?

Probably more than you will ever dream of!

How can you confirm if the person send you the money?

Thanks. you achieved a dream.

The American dream is?

the American dream is about freedom, liberty, and prosperity.

Do you capitalize the in the American dream?

Yes. It should be - The American Dream.

Besides the Declaration of Independence and the Bible King cites the American dream as a source for his own dream What is the American dream?

health, wealth, and happiness is the American Dream

What was achieved as a result of the Mexican American War?

The US achieved Manifest Destiny.

Tell more about education and American dream?

what is the educated in American dream

Is the American dream available to everyone why?

is the American Dream available to everyone

How do you use American dream in a sentence?

I'm living the American dream!

How many pages does An American Dream have?

An American Dream has 270 pages.

Why is Elvis important to the Mississippian?

Elvis is important to them, because he resembles "The American Dream". A poor boy from East Tupelo Mississippi, achieved his dream of been a singer, and became one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. Elvis gives people hope, he gives people hope that anything can be achieved. I hope this was of help, and has answered your questions.

How achievable is the American dream?

impossible if you don't have a truly consistent work ethic and the drive to succeed. It means you have to learn to wait for the things you want and be future directed. If you can do this, it can still be achieved.

Will the Dream of World Peace ever be realized and achieved?

Like in movies, "World Peace" is a dream, but unachievable among humans.

Does the American Dream still exist today?

if the American Dream were a real fact, what would it look like today? Or can we still believe in an American dream?

Meaning for the American dream?

a dream about America

What does the phrase American Dream refer to?

The United States of America has had a certain set of ideals, sometimes known as the American Dream; these ideals include democracy, free enterprise, lots of room for expansion, prosperity, "white picket fences and apple pies", and upward mobility, all achieved through hard work.

What was Michael Jackson's dream when he was a kid?

He says in his book moonwalker that his dream was to make the biggest selling album in the world. and he achieved his goal.

How is the American dream shown in literature?

Describe the concept of the "American Dream" as shown in Sandberg's

What is the author's message about the American Dream?

What is the author's message about the American Dream from THE DEATH OF A SALESMAN?