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If your in Ontario:

The driver of the car that rear end another vehicle is always liable both criminally and civily. In your scenario, the driver left the scene of the accident, this is known as failing to remain and is a criminal offence in Canada. If the car was abandoned, you can bet it was probably stolen. Stolen vehicles are not subject to the registered owners insurance. Basically your insurance coverage will provide for your vehicle. And the dealerships insurance will cover damages done to the dealerships vehicle. Now...if the driver of that vehicle is found he would be charged with the above, and in addition you can file a lawsuit against him for any injuries. (your insurance company will definitely sue the driver to recoup there losses for the vehicle damages)

If the vehicle was not stolen, but being test driven ( you have a really stupid driver) then the dealerships insurance will cover the damages. However, your insurance company will front the bill for damages and get reimbursed by the dealerships insurance company pending the result of a police investigation. This is known as no fault insurance.

Other provinces in Canada have there own laws regarding insurance and liabilities. The same with the U.S.A.

KeVin Toronto

2011-09-13 17:51:29
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Q: Who is liable for the damage if a car which is registered to a dealership rear ends another car then leaves the scene and is abandoned?
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