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You were driving in a parking lot and a shopping cart hit your car. Did someone push it out in front of you or did you hit it while it was just sitting there waiting for the parking lot attendant to come get it out of the hot sun. I would guess the driver of the car is a fault since a shopping cart is an inanimate object.

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Q: Who responsible your driving and shopping cart hits your car?
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Who is at fault if a car hits a shopping cart that is in the street across from the store?

that's a tough one. on one hand the cart should not have been in the road. but on the other hand, why were you not watching the road? maybe you should've put the cell phone down :)

Who is responsible for damages if the vehicle isn't registered to person who hits another car but the person responsible bought it and hadn't transferred it yet?

The driver is always responsible for whatever happens to vehical he is driving

When a driver has no driver's license or insurance but driving a car that is insured and someone hits them who is responsible?

It's going to be very difficult to claim that it's not the fault of the person who was breaking the law by driving illegally.

What insurance protects you if your grocery cart hits someones car?


Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?


Is a store liable when a grocery cart corral breaks apart and hits your car?

The corporate policy outlines the responsibility on property damage done by their shopping carts. They will post these policies on carts and entrance doors. Check with management for a copy of their policies.

Is it legal to throw the ball back to a player behind you because he hit your cart.?

No you have to keep the ball in place from where it lies even if it hits a cart, tree, building, etc.

If you are mowing your lawn and the mower hits a rock that breaks a window of a passing vehicle who is responsible for the damage?

If you were driving the car, who would you think is responsible? Your mower threw a rock that broke an innocent driver's windshield. Of course you are responsible! Be a man, accept that responsibility, and fix the car!

What happens when your tee shot hits a moving cart?

ball must be played where it lies no matter what

If you are driving down the street and the car in front of you decides to back up and hits your car who is at fault?

The driver who is backing up. That person has created a traffic hazard/impediment and is totally responsible.

If a parked car opens door street side and passing car hits it who is responsible?

If the parked car opens the door and passing car hits it, it is usually the responsibility of the parked car owner. There might be an exception to this if the car going by is speeding or driving recklessly.

Who is responsible for the insurance if a car is financed in your name but your sister is making the payments and driving it?

If the car is in your name then you are responsible for everything. If she wrecks it and is at fault, the person that she hits is going to go after you because the car is in your name. But she is the one that needs to be paying for the car insurance. call a insurance company they will help you,

If you are chasing a horse that is on the road who is responsible if he hits you?

I would say you are.

Who is responsible when driver has stroke and hits parked car?


If your car is parked illegally and someone is driving down a one way street drunk the wrong way and hits your car are they responsible to pay for the car or are you because your car was illegally?

The owner of the illegally parked vehicle may be ticketed, but the "at fault" driver is responsible for the damages to the parked vehicle.

Who is responsible when a baseball hits a parked car?

Whoever threw the ball and caused the damage would be the responsible party.

What happens when lightning hits a car as you are driving?

Emile Heskey

How many hits will a golf ball take?

Close to 250-300 if it doesn't hit a cart path or tree or something

Why women addicted to shopping for clothes jewelry and other accessories?

Shopping addiction mostly hits females giving them a phobia about buying jewelry, makeup stuff and clothing mostly.

What are the most common road traffic accidents?

Drunk Driving hits

Where can you find a used transmission?

Try, shopping search block. I just went to Google shopping seach block, typed in Used Transmissions and got over 98,000 hits.

In Ohio if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your car without permission and hits a car and you have insurance are you responsible?

I sense that this person driving your car without permission is a resident of your household. Without a police report of the theft of your vehicle then the person driving your car, especially if they are a resident of your household and reasonably knew where to find the keys, would have presumptive permission to use the car and your insurance will have to pay.

Who is responsible if a rock from a lawn mower hits a passing car?

The person mowing.

Who is responsible when a driver with a suspended license in a borrowed insured car hits an uninsured motorist?

If the driver with the suspended license caused the accident then he/she is responsible.

Who is responsible for paying for your damages the car that hit mine or the car that hit that car?

The one responsible for that is the person who own the car that hits your car.