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Who started fascism in the Italian government?

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The Italian Dictator: Benito Mussolini

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What Italian form of government was built on racism?

Italian fascism

What kind of government did Mussolini have?

Italian Fascism

Disadvantages of fascism government?

Fascism is EVIL!

Is Italy a fascist government today?

No, Italy has not had a fascist government since WW II. It has a parliamentary democracy. There is sometimes corruption in the Italian government, which is a risk in any government, but it does not go to such an extreme as to constitute fascism.

Is Italian Fascism a good example of a centralized style of government Why or why not?

Under the fascist government in post ww1 Italy, only Mussolini's party ruled the country. It was a dictatorship and a very centralized government.

What has the author Anthony L Cardoza written?

Anthony L. Cardoza has written: 'Agrarian elites and Italian fascism' -- subject(s): History, Politics and government, Fascism, Rural conditions, Elite (Social sciences)

Which countries in Europe embraced this political doctrine of fascism?

Fascism started in Italy and then spread to Germany, where it was more effective. Romania and Hungary also adopted fascism, and Spain underwent civil war that resulted in a fascist government. Croatia also held a puppet fascist government. Many other countries, such as Portugal, held a military dictatorship that acted somewhat like fascism.

How was the government set up under Mussolini?

Mussolini had a dictatorship that was called fascism. Fascism is a totalitarian government that is not communist.

Who started Fascism?

Benito Mussolini

What are the negatives of fascism?

There are negatives and positives associated with a fascist government. Some negatives of fascism include a direct and authoritative government.

What is the difference between German and Italian fascism?

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What symbol did Benito Mussolini add to the Italian flag?

He added Fasces to the Italian Flag which was a premier symbol of Italian Fascism

What has the author Roland Sarti written?

Roland Sarti has written: 'The ax within: Italian fascism in action' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Fascism 'Long live the strong' -- subject(s): Case studies, Rural conditions, Villages

Why did the Italian People go along with Fascism?

The Italians themselves didn't support Fascism but their leadership under Mussolini did and eventually they killed him to support the fact that they didn't support Fascism.

Who was the one time Italian premier?

Benito Mussolini (1883–1945) was head of the Italian Government and the self styled Duce (of Fascism) from 1925 to 1945. When, as dictator and an ally of Nazis Germany, he was killed by the Italian people when Italy surrendered to the allied forces.

What were the aims of fascism?

Fascism attempts to have a one party government that is responsible for making all the rules. Another tenet of fascism is that idea that war is necessary.

What type of government was Hideki Tojo in?


What is Another word for a dictatorial government?


Is there a philosophical basis to a fascism government?


An ineffectual italian monarchy led to the rise of fascism or?

C. totalitarianism

What has the author Marco Palla written?

Marco Palla has written: 'Mussolini and fascism' -- subject(s): Fascism, Politics and government 'Fascismo e Stato corporativo' -- subject(s): Attitudes, British Foreign public opinion, Consuls, Corporate state, Fascism, History, Politics and government, Public opinion 'Firenze nel regime fascista (1929-1934)' -- subject(s): Fascism, Fascism and architecture, Fascism and culture, Politics and government

Why were Italians attracted to fascism in the 1920s?

Italians supported fascism because it promoted Italian nationalism and the expansion of Italian territories. They wanted to restore Italy to the place of prominence it held during the time of Ancient Rome.

What kind of government was Adolf Hitler?

A Dictator ************************************ The type of government is known as Fascism.

Is Nazi Germany fascism?

Nazi Germany was a form of Fascism......Fascism is a Political theory advocating (In favor of) and Authoritarian (characteristic of absolute leader)Hierarchical government opposed to democracyNazism is a Totalitarianism/Fascism type of government featuring racism and expansionism and and obedience to a strong leader in this case Hitler

Is fascism a limited or unlimited government?

Fascism is a political ideology rather than a government. It promotes nationalistic viewpoints and where fascists obtain power in government, the result is usually an authoritarian government with an aim to reach unlimited power.