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Who wanted Canada confederation?

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Many great Canadians wanted Confederation. For Canada West (Ontario) George Brown and John .A. Mcdonald led them to Confederation. For Canada East (Quebec) George Cartier led them. Nova Scotia was led by Charles Tupper. New Brunswick was led by Leonard Tilley. They were the 1st 4 provinces to join confederation. PEI and Newfoundland did not want to join. Newfoundland was the last to join in 1949.

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Canada wanted British Columbia to join in Confederation, because they wanted a country that went from sea to seas and they didn't want British Columbia to join the United States.

canada became a confederation on.......

he wanted a united canada to trade and commerce as one.

Alberta wanted to join the Confederation to further their economic ability, gain money, and access to the Trans-Canada railway.

Without Confederation there would be no Canada.

i think they wanted all the beaver tails in Canada or something wallahi

New Brunswick joined the confederation because they had lots and LOTS of debts that needed to be paid off. They also wanted access to the railroad, which would connect them with the rest of Canada.

Confederation was and is a benefit to all regions of Canada.

They were not colonies and had their own treaties with Britain. Besides it would have been much harder to expand as Canada wanted if they had rights within the Confederation.

Sir John A MacDonald wanted confederation to make Canada stronger and he had a dream that Canada would be from coast to coast. That would mean that the country would be independent from the british government. his dream came true after he was out of the Parliament of Canada! by tyler haney dewberry Alberta Canada

Canada became an official country at its confederation in July 1, 1867.

because the political deadlock was making it impossible to do anything in Canada east and Canada west. ================================================================ Technically, Canada East did not join Confederation. Canada East and Canada West were merely geographical designations, not political entities. The pre-Confederation Province of Canada was the political entity that joined Confederation. Immediately upon Confederation, the Province of Canada was divided into the Province of Québec and the Province of Ontario.

it was because Canada east had more disadvantages, and wanted to have mroe advantages.

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada ended in 1996.

Confederation of Regions Party of Canada was created in 1984.

John A Macdonald was important to the confederation here in Canada because he was the first prime minster of Canada. He was also a father of the confederation. Finally he was important because he was an important/strong support to the confederation, And the Confederation is the steps of the began of Canada...

The pre-Confederation province of Canada entered into Confederation on July 1, 1867, along with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Immediately upon entering into Confederation, the pre-Confederation Province of Canada was divided into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

in the olden days they wanted it.

Ontario did not "join" Canada. Ontario did not exist prior to Confederation. Ontario was one of the original four provinces of Canada. Prior to Confederation, there was the pre-Confederation self-governing colony called the Province of Canada. It was divided into the Province of Quebec and the Province of Ontario on Confederation.

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Canada wanted to P.E.I. to join confederation because since it is far from the U.S. border, it would be a great base of attack of the U.S. or Britian suddenly attacked.Thank you for reading my answer. This was the only reason I can find.

Canadians celebrate the confederation of the Dominion of Canada on "Canada day" witch is usually the 1st of July.

Prior to Confederation, what is now Canada was a collection of British colonies and territories.

They built the bridge because the people from Prince Edward island wanted an easier way to get to the main land [Canada]

Confederation- when Canada became a country in1867 the 72 resolution was made of all the things the government agreed that they wanted.

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