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Peter De Blanc was Janis Joplin's lover before the Summer of Love, circa 1965, he was also a wealthy, educated businessman who would wind up at IBM, but at the time, he had a bit of a meth problem. Janis and Peter were allegedly engaged to be married, however, he still had a significant other relationship with a woman that was NOT Janis. One of the reasons she returned to Texas to get clean(er).

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This is direct from Choice Communications' website: Peter J. de Blanc 1944 To 2002 ATN and Choice Communications join with the Virgin Islands in mourning the loss of Peter J. de Blanc, who died of cancer June 26, 2002. Peter was the pioneer of internet in the Virgin Islands, bringing the first public internet access VIP FreeNet in September 1994. His company, COBEX International, introduced the first commercial Internet service in June 1995, bringing the Internet addresses to life. Peter consulted, wired, networked, equipped, problem solved, and advised many of the businesses on these islands over the last twenty years. Since his work with the United Nations and UNIDO, Peter was committed to the technological advancement of developing countries. In October 1995 he presented a paper at the INET Conference in Hawaii on Networking the Caribbean via VIP FreeNet. The INET 1997 was held in Guadeloupe and Peter presented another paper on The Economic Impact of the Internet to the Caribbean. He consulted with countries and companies throughout the Caribbean. The past several years Peter has been working extensively with the international development and management of top-level domain names. He was elected to the Names Counsel of ICANN, the Internet Corporation responsible for the assignment of domain names and numbers. He was elected the Chairman of the Administrative Committee of the CCTLD, a constituency of 244 countries managing their country code internet top level domain name. Peter was referred to, as the voice of reason, when a meeting was focused on consensus formation among many nations. Peter was invited to travel to Bangkok, China, Ghana and Egypt to name a few, to assist with the management of their country code registries and concepts dealing with multi-lingual domain names. Music was one of Peter

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Q: Who was Peter de Blanc?
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