Who was the most conservative Democrat to ever serve as President?

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Going back only a few decades, Lyndon Johnson would be considered a conservative "Dixiecrat" running a close second would be Clinton in his domestic policies. What is considered Liberal or conservative today may not be the case even 50 years ago. Many historians agree that Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt would be conservative Democrats by today's standards. Despite the banner waving of the Republican Party.
One trick for definition is seeing the U.S. as a human body: A conservative thinks 100 years ahead and tries to save as much of the healthy body as possible. If the foot needs to be cut off to save the body, cut away.
A liberal thinks 20 years ahead and will try to save every part of the body without exception. Not bad thinking if you're the foot.
Unfortunately that definition does not always apply. As republicans and democrats alike enjoy the instant gratification that goes hand and hand with re-election. For example some conservatives neglect the environment as the price of progress, and some liberals tout the environment in the face of progress. It's not always black and white.
Depends what you mean by "conservative".
If it means pro-business and favouring employers over unions, then probably Grover Cleveland.

John F. Kennedy. His presidency was short lived but he gave the largest tax cut in history, had a strong policy against communism, favored a hand up instead of hand outs when it came to welfare and embraced American exceptionalism with the likes of sending man to the moon.
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Who are the most conservative presidents in history?

George Washington Ronald Reagan Calvin Coolidge Thomas Jefferson Teddy Roosevelt Abraham Lincoln George Bush Not sure how the hell Bush, Roosevelt or Lincoln got here. Lincoln was a traditional conservative in the sense that he was an ardent unionist, but other than that he was a rad ( Full Answer )

How many Democrats served as president?

I count 9 : Cleveland, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy,Lyndon Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama. However , Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party elected Jackson, Van Buren, Polk, Pierce and Buchanan, so you get 14 if you add them in to the total. I would not include them since the J ( Full Answer )

How many democrats have served as president?

14 . I would say nine : Cleveland, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy,Lyndon Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama. Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party elected Jackson, Van Buren, Polk, Pierce and Buchanan, so you get 14 if you add them in to the total. However, the Jackson Democrats split in 1 ( Full Answer )

Who was the most conservative US President?

The founders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Later on with Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Taft, Coolidge, Reagan, Bush. This question is difficult to answer without making it more clear what you mean by conservative: From the perspective of big business, the answer is probably Calvi ( Full Answer )

Which state has the most conservative Democrats?

There are more conservative Democrats in the Southern states.Conservative Democrats, have more in common with Republicans thanLiberal Democrats. The state with the most conservative Democratsis the state of Tennessee.

Who served as vice president most terms?

No vice-president has ever served more than 2 terms, Those that served 2 full terms are John Adams ( under Washington) , Daniel Tompkins (under Monroe) , Thomas Riley Marshall ( under Wilson) , John Nance Garner ( under FDR), Richard Nixon (Eisenhower), George Bush (Reagan), Albert Gore (Clinton) an ( Full Answer )

Who is the most conservative Democratic Governor?

Not sure but Western states governors tend to be to the right of the Democrat mainstream such as Bill Ritter of CO, Brian Schweitzer of MT. Also there are Southern democratic governors such as Phil Bredsen of TN, Mike Easley of NC, and Mike Beebe of AR, Steve Beshear of KY and so on.... Also in 200 ( Full Answer )

President to serve most terms?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He served 3 full terms and part of a fourth before his death.

Which president had the most electoral votes ever?

President Ronald Reagan had the highest total with 525 in the year but lost 13 votes in 1984. Franklin Roosevelt won 523 votes in 1936 and lost only 12 votes and that was before DC had its 3 votes which would surely have gone to FDR since the Democrats always win DC, so maybe the record deserves an ( Full Answer )

Who served the most years as president and vice president?

\nFranklin D. Roosevelt served as President from March, 1932 until his death in April, 1945\nfor a total of 13 yeara and 1 month. By far the most time served by any President.\n. \nMany Vice Presidents served 8 years, which is the most anyone has served.\n. \nRoosevelt had 3 Vice President's so no ( Full Answer )

What president served the most years as president?

Thirty-second U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt served the most years in the presidential office. He was elected four times, the first in 1932, the last in 1944. He died in office, on April 12, 1945, and was succeeded by Vice President Harry S. Truman. Presidential officeholding had been limi ( Full Answer )

Was there ever a US President who was not Democratic or Republican?

Yes. The United States has had a number of different political parties during its history. . George Washington (1), the first US President, had no party affiliation (there were none). . John Adams (2), second US President, was a member of the Federalist Party. . Thomas Jefferson (3 ( Full Answer )

Which president served the most in years?

Franklin Roosevelt was the only man who had enough ego to go against Washington's precedent and run for a third, and even a fourth term. He died soon after beginning his fourth term and so served only a little over 12 years.

Which president serve the most terms?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected four times and although he died just over a year into his fourth term he still served longer than any other President (March 4, 1933 - April 12, 1945) The president to serve the most terms is President Theodore Roosevelt.

Did Abraham Lincoln ever serve as vice President?

No. His only real major political office before president was oneterm in Congress (as a member of the Whig party) under PresidentJames K. Polk. Lincoln did attempt to run as Vice President nominee of theRepublican party in 1856, but he was ultimately unsuccessful.

Which U.S president has served the most terms?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to 4 terms - though he was not able to complete serving the 4th because he died in office. He was able to do this because they had not yet amended the constitution to include a 2-term limit.

Who was the youngest president ever to have served in office?

Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president when he tookoffice after McKinley died. He was 42 years and 322 days. John Kenned y was the youngest person elected President. 1. Theodore Roosevelt 42 322 2. John F. Kennedy 43 236 3. Bill Clinton 46 154 4. Ulysses S. Grant 46 236 5. Barack Obama 47 1 ( Full Answer )

Has there ever been a US president that was not a Republican or Democrat?

Washington had no party, he opposed political parties. Adams was Federalist party. Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, (JQ) Adams were all Democratic-Republican (different from Democrat or Republican). Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, Fillmore were all Whig party. There was no Republican Party until Lincoln, who f ( Full Answer )

Who is the most memorable president ever?

This is an opinionated question. Howerver, Franklin Delanore Roosevelt was a hero in many people's eyes. He was impaired and put in a wheel chair but did many positive things to help our country.

Which U.S president served the most terms and how many did he serve?

Franklin Roosevelt was the only president to serve or run for more than 2 terms. He died before he completed his fourth term. George Washington probably could have served for as many terms as he wished, but he refused to serve a third term and that set a precedent which everybody honored until FDR b ( Full Answer )

Has a sitting president ever served as a pallbearer?

It would appear that William Howard Taft was a pallbearer at his father-in-law's funeral while he was serving as president. Unfortunately, while the New York Times is a trustworthy source, it does not give a date for the funeral.

Who were the most fiscally conservative presidents?

Bill Clinton. After his election in 1992, instead of spending on social programs as per his campaign promises, he decided to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans to deal with the deficit problem. As a result, a deficit of over a quarter trillion dollars was eliminated and even became a surplus ( Full Answer )

Who is the most famous president ever to live?

That is a subjective judgement, based on historical perspective, mostly. Still, in most polls of "who was the most famous president". it is likely Abraham Lincoln would come out on top.

What is the most famous president Mexico ever had?

Benito Juarez (1806-1872) is regarded as the greatest president Mexico has ever had, for many reasons: He was the first Mexican leader who did not have a military background, and also the first full-blooded indigenous national (he was a Zapotec Amerindian) to serve as President of Mexico and to l ( Full Answer )

Which Democratic presidents have served in the military?

Democratic US Presidents with military service were Andrew Jackson (Army), James K. Polk (Tennessee state militia), Franklin Pierce (Army), James Buchanan (Army), Andrew Johnson (Army), Harry S. Truman (Army), John F. Kennedy (Navy), Lyndon B. Johnson (Navy), and Jimmy Carter (Navy).

Which Democratic presidents served in the military?

Democratic US Presidents with military service were Andrew Jackson (Army), James K. Polk (Tennessee state militia), Franklin Pierce (Army), James Buchanan (Army), Andrew Johnson (Army), Harry S. Truman (Army), John F. Kennedy (Navy), Lyndon B. Johnson (Navy), and Jimmy Carter (Navy).

Has there ever been a president who has served a10 year term?

No. The longest most Presidents have served is 8 years, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office for just over 12 years. Even if someone had been U. S. President for 10 years, he would not have served a 10-year term. All U. S. Presidential terms are and have been 4 years. Those who served more tha ( Full Answer )

Can a president who served 2 full terms ever run for president again?

No, a President is only allowed 2 terms in office. President FDR was the only President that served more than two terms. He died in office in 22 April 1945. Vice President Harry Truman was elevated to the office of President the same day that FDR died.

How many democrat president served 2 terms?

Old Democratic Party: Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) Modern Democratic Party: Grover Cleveland (1885-1889 & 1893-1897) Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) Bill Clinton (1993-2001)

How many democratic presidents served two consecutive terms?

Since the Civil War, four Democratic presidents have been elected to two consecutive terms , namely , Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt , Bill Clinton and Barack Obama . Andrew Jackson , who belonged to the pre-war Democratic party which was somewhat related to the modern Democratic party, a ( Full Answer )

Was there ever a republican or democrat president replaced by another republican or democrat president at the end of their presidency?

Yes, quite a few times...the most recent Republican-to-Republican change was in 1998 when George H.W. Bush was elected after Ronald Reagan retired. . You have to go back to the 1800s to find a Democrat-to-Democrat change that didn't happen because the first president died in office, and the most re ( Full Answer )

How many Democratic Presidents served two terms?

Since the Civil War, five Democratic presidents were elected to two terms, namely Cleveland , Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt , Clinton and Obama. Truman and Lyndon Johnson served one full term plus a part of another term. Andrew Jackson , who belonged to the pre-war Democratic party which was somewhat ( Full Answer )

What democratic presidents served two terms?

Since the Civil War War five Democratic Party presidents were elected two times. They are Cleveland, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Clinton and Obama. Andrew Jackson of the pre-war Democrats was also re-elected. Truman and Lyndon Johnson were elected as vice-presidents and became President due to ( Full Answer )

Which democratic US President won the most electoral votes?

Lyndon Johnson won 486 in 1964 which was the highest total ever for a Democrat. (Republican , Ronald Reagan, got 525 in 1984, despite the fact that 3 "automatic" votes from DC were added to the Democratic total.)

What president had the most electoral votes ever?

In the 1984election Ronal Regan received 525 (97.58%) of the 538 electoralvotes. In the 1936 election Franklin D. Roosevelt received 523(98.49%) of the 531 electoral votes. In the 1972 election RichardNixon received 520 (96.65%) of the 538 electoral votes. In the 1820election James Monroe received 2 ( Full Answer )