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Winston Churchill - Prime Minister of Great Britain. Franklin D. Roosevelt - President of the United States. Josef Stalin - Leader of USSR Adolf Hitler - Fuhrer of Germany Benito Mussolini - Dictator of Italy Hirohito - Emperor of Japan

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Q: Who were some historical figures who played important roles in World War 2?
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Historical figures who played important roles in world war 2?

Some historical figures who played a important role in World War 2

Name some historical figures who played an important role in the World War 2?

Thomas Jefferson

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What are some of historical figures in world war 2 other than Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler?

Josef Stalin, Franklyn Roosevelt

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Who were the historical figures in world war 2?

The Big Three were historical figures in World War 2: Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt. Other prominent figures were Adolph Hitler and his leaders. Yamamoto and the Emperor of Japan stand out too. Then of course there all the fallen soldiers who fought the war and died for the cause. Other persons to be mentioned are the Armed Forces of the world (the Generals and Admirals too) and the Underground Resistance workers. There are many television programs, videos and books available at your local library on World War 2 if you are interested in reading about the people I mentioned.

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World Trade Center

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Who played important parts of World War 2?

Hitler and the USA

What are three important military figures for the allied forces during World War 2?

I would have to say George S. Patton I could name 1millian others but I am not sure who was most important.