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Black soldiers serving the USA Calvary out west after the USA Civil War (1861 to 1865). They were called Buffalo soldiers by the Native Americans who were not accustomed to seeing Black people in a segregated USA, so they called them Buffalo soldiers, because of their dark skin.

The Buffalo Soldiers were formed by an act of Congress; Congressional Act of the 39th Congress, 28th July, 1866, section 3; there were 6 additional regiments formed, two Cavalry 9th and 10th, and 4 Infantry 38th 39th 40th 41st which were combined later into the 24th and 25th Infantry. They were then call, Colored Soldiers

The Buffalo Soldiers got their nick name from the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers in 1867. They called the Colored Soldiers-Buffalo Men because of their tenacity battle, color of skin and hair. The Colored Soldiers then called themselves, Buffalo Soldiers, a name the Colored Soldiers have carried for 4 generations; Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WW-I and WW-II.

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How did the buffalo soliders get there name?

They got there name because that's what they wanted

What nickname was given to the African American regiments of the u.s army that helped to keep peace among American Indians in the west after the civil war?

Buffalo Soliders.

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Soliders fight and die for our freedom. IF we did not fight then we would have other countries taking over our country and we would not be the United States. You would not be allowed to live the way you do if we did not have soliders. So why is it not important to remember the soliders?

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When the mission was part of the Mexico mission system there were no Spanish soliders. As a part of Spain Spanish soliders were not stationed there.

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with rising populations one could easily guesstimate millions of soliders. however there could be as many as 1-4million in the military alone

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how many soliders did the union have

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Soliders were becaming greedy and wanted more, plus they were getting fed up of all the hard work. soliders started betraying the empire and everything starting going wrong, many of them were killing each other or were getting killed by celtics unexpectedly because soliders were not doing there duty. above all soliders left or died and wrong judgments were being made and then they slowly started vanishing as the the emeror kept growing weaker in addition to at one time they were the most powerful army in world and conquered many places with many cool waeapons and were able to get 200,000 soliders in the army also soliders lost there trust or were embaressed if the lost there flag as it was called a disgrace to them thanks hopefully you get your answers from here.

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fort pillow

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it was used in the civil war by the groud soliders.

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By sending 80 soliders from the back and the rest in the front?

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i dont freakin know!

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